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Reason #4: Presence

It feels a bit like the rug is getting pulled out from beneath us. The people and institutions in which we have placed trust are now called into question, and we are left reeling wondering what to believe. Loved ones are dying or struggling to survive. Parents are torn between caring for children at home and working to bring in money to pay bills. People are starting to judge one another or fight out of fear.

If you have PRESENCE, you can hold space for yourself and others during the stress of change. Proactively embracing CHANGE is the path to inner peace, prosperity, and joy. That’s why I say that NOW is the BEST TIME to proactively choose to change your life.

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Fear is a difficult thing to feel without going down dark tunnels into despair. Anger, grief, shame, regret…all heavy emotions in fact…are difficult to feel without slipping into a dark hole. That’s why so many of us distract away from the pain.

Over the years I’ve had many go-to strategies for distracting away from discomfort. Food, wine, movies, television, running, overworking, escaping and hiding, sex, happy pills… Because it was hard to face my own uncomfortable feelings, it was hard for me to hold space for loved ones when they wanted to express uncomfortable feelings. I would find myself multi-tasking or walking away from serious discussions because I wanted to escape the discomfort of it. Can you relate?

This is a very intense time, and as an empathic person, I can feel the stress. I feel myself wanting to find a way out so I can escape. And there is no escape. The whole world is on lockdown. Do you want to run away to Fantasy Island too?

I’ve learned that the best way to handle intense feelings and urges is to be PRESENT with them. To BREATHE through them. To ACKNOWLEDGE the aspect of myself that is generating those feelings. To LISTEN to the feelings in my body and the thoughts in my mind. To VALIDATE my current experience without resistance. And then to bring COMPASSION to myself.

Often holding PRESENCE with myself leads to an emotional release that leaves me feeling so much lighter and better. I’m not talking about simply using meditation as another way to bliss-out and bypass your ‘reality.’  I’m talking about learning to hold PEACE and PAIN right next to each other in PRESENCE.

Would you like to feel lighter even as you face the challenges of your life? How would your relationships thrive if you could be PRESENT with your loved one with an open heart and clear mind? It’s my personal experience that learning to hold PRESENCE takes being part of a LOVING COMMUNITY.

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