A Compass for Sacred Living

The Four Directions are not just directional tools on your map. They are consciousness beings that help give you an inner compass so you can find your way gracefully through any situation Life delivers to your door. When you call on the Four Directions, they answer with wisdom and insights to help you understand and make better choices.

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In this mini course, you’ll learn how to:

  • call on the South to feel safe, grounded in your body, and loved by Mother Earth. The South reminds you to be in the present moment with acceptance of your life up until now, and playful curiosity about what’s happening now.
  • call on the West to see the Beauty in any situation to help you move from suffering to creating. The West helps you to release what no longer serves you and to expand in directions that are beneficial.
  • call on the North to discover your authentic self underneath all the conditioning you inherited from ancestors and society. The North helps you tap into the vast gifts and wisdom of your ancestry and your soul to take a new epic journey of your choosing.
  • call on the East to invoke your highest destiny and set yourself on the golden line towards your life’s purpose in this incarnation. The East brings you new inspiration, energy, and motivation to live at a higher vibration.

This mini-course is a Mystery School, Medicine Wheel teaching that helps orient you in a new way for greater love, harmony, and prosperity. When you enter the course, you enter into a personal conversation with Mother Earth and she brings you synchronous experiences to teach you how to navigate life in this new way. We offer a safe place to share your mystical experiences and insights.

You’ll also receive two free guided meditations: Clearing with Sacred Tobacco and Shielding Meditation.

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Sacred Living with the Four Directions is a 4-week mini-course and experiential conversation with Mother Earth that you can start today.

Reciprocity: $111 (PayPal)

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