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Reason #2: Knowing

When everything in your life is already changing, why not take the helm and steer the course of the correction? That’s why I say that NOW is the BEST TIME to proactively choose to change your life. Yesterday I spoke about Reason #1 for TAKING THE LEAP into your spiritual journey: FREEDOM. Today, I’d like to talk about Reason #2: KNOWING.

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For most of my life I would get insights that felt true, but then the people around me would rebuke those insights because I did not have evidence, data, or outside expert opinions to back up my insight. I felt like I had to prove myself by finding someone more knowledgeable than myself to say the same thing I was saying before the person closest to me would listen.

The constant criticism made me doubt myself and my inner guidance, and left me feeling confused about what to do. It was hard to go for the big dreams in my life with so much inner doubt and confusion. Have you ever felt that way?

Luckily I trusted my inner guidance to TAKE THE LEAP, and I enrolled in programs that helped me clear the inner clutter and tune into my own guidance. I practiced listening to my intuition for myself, and during client healing sessions, until I was able to reliably bring myself into a space of KNOWING for clear insight and guidance. Now I teach my clients and students how to get to KNOWING for themselves.

You can learn how to use your INTUITION to be KNOWING as well!

Here is a list of ways that KNOWING makes life more enjoyable.

Knowing facilitates proactive decisions without doubt or confusion.

Knowing allows you to resolve relationship issues without drama.

Knowing helps you sleep better at night without senseless worrying.

Knowing helps you trust yourself, even if no one validates you.

Knowing increases a sense of safety and positivity because you know what you know.

Knowing is fun when you’re ‘tuned in’ and others also know because they’re hearing the same messages.

Knowing helps you reclaim your power through self-validation.

Once you’ve accessed KNOWING within yourself, it gets much easier to get there when you want. It’s very helpful to have personal mentoring and be part of like-minded community to learn how to access your KNOWING and practice getting there. You can claim the support, right now, to practice KNOWING for yourself.

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