At this time, I offer two core mentoring programs:

Sacred Circle for Awakening the Mother Goddess

This mentoring program is for mothers and mothers-in-other-ways to receive support and replenish reserves in community. The Sacred Circle includes deep inner child healing, repatterning for ancestral repeating cycles, healing the Mother Wound and embodying the Mother Goddess energies. You will learn about the power of Sacred Ceremony and honoring Mother Earth to replenish and rebuild our families and communities on a foundation of Love. If you are a mother to a unicorn child who struggles with life in the current human condition, this Sacred Circle is your home. If you are a mentor or leader who supports others, this Sacred Circle is an invaluable community and oasis of Love.

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The One Year Inner Medicine Program

This mentoring program is for those who wish to build a strong spiritual foundation for their own lives, and who feel called to be mentors, healers and leaders in their families, work, and communities.

Many of the students of this program come with loads of certifications and trainings that never quite got integrated into a spiritual practice. To become a powerful healer and mentor, you must first know your inner medicine. During the One Year Inner Medicine Program you’ll cultivate a personal Mesa in the Incan tradition that is based on your soul’s curriculum revealed by your Gene Keys chart. You will explore yourself using shamanic principles from several lineages, refine and realign at a higher level, and deepen your capacity to hold space for yourself and others.

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Starting in 2022, there will be a follow-on program for Healers and Mentors that takes everything you learn in this program to the next level of service.


Individual Mentoring

You’re going through a transition in your life, such as the start of your spiritual inquiry, difficulties with your spouse or unicorn child, a relationship ending or beginning, or shifting careers from corporate to heart-based entrepreneur. During this time of transition, you could use guidance to avoid the pitfalls and keep yourself moving consistently and compassionately to the other side. You’re an influential leader or executive who needs privacy.  Find out more…


Services for Targeted Support

You’ve hit a bump in the road and need some immediate assistance moving that challenge out of your way. I specialize in clearing stagnant emotional energy, energetically liberating clients from negative patterns and beliefs, and clearing the slate so my clients can have a new experience in their lives. If you have even the vaguest sense of your challenge…maybe you feel you are blocked but can’t describe it more than that…I can help you clear it out of your field so it no longer hampers your progress. See a list of Services