image-170You have everything you need to live the life of your dreams, to fulfill that special mission that only you can do on this Earth. So why haven’t you done it yet?

If you’re anything like me, it’s because life takes over, and life can be very messy and confusing. I spent two decades realizing my marriage wasn’t serving my evolution, when it was fairly obvious from the first moment we moved in together at 22 (I was in the shed marking my name in all of my special books just in case…). I poured bucket-loads of energy and focus into my passion businesses, only to watch them fail after years. I hired psychotherapists to complain to about my life every week, but I never made real progress until I stepped into personal responsibility and started walking my spiritual journey.

Just like you can’t see the spot right in the middle of your back by craning your neck around, you can’t see the self-defeating beliefs and patterns hidden in your shadows without a mirror. Let me be your mirror. I’ll see right through your false self to the shining light beneath…the light that is yearning to be set free.

Spiritual work is done just like how Michelangelo said he carved statues; he said he carved away the stone to reveal the statue underneath. Just so…in our time together I’ll help you release all the gunk in your works that’s not you to reveal your essential self and let your unique light shine. And I’ll be your support line as you evolve and meet resistance from your family and friends.

Transitional Support

You’re going through a transition in your life, such as the start of your spiritual inquiry, a relationship ending or beginning, or shifting careers from corporate to heart-based entrepreneur. During this time of transition, you could use guidance to avoid the pitfalls and keep yourself moving consistently and compassionately to the other side. I work with clients going through transitions starting with a 3-month mentoring package all the way up to a 1 year mentoring package. Clients dedicated to evolution move very quickly working with me because I have a pretty outstanding bag of tricks. (I love watching clients grow like those fast-forward videos of flowers blossoming! and… I’ll let you set the pace of growth that works for you.) The first step for transitional support is to have a Reinvent Yourself Discovery Session to explore your challenges and whether we are a match for mentoring.


Targeted Support

You’ve hit a bump in the road and need some immediate assistance moving that challenge out of your way. I specialize in clearing stagnant emotional energy, energetically liberating clients from negative patterns and beliefs, and clearing the slate so my clients can have a new experience in their lives. If you have even the vaguest sense of your challenge…maybe you feel you are blocked but can’t describe it more than that…I can help you clear it out of your field so it no longer hampers your progress. If you are aware of a specific block and want to clear it out of your way, schedule an Illumination Session which can be in person or remote.  ($250 for 1.5-2hrs)

Schedule an Illumination Session