The four primary Power Animals are allies here to help you access the different aspects of your consciousness. Serpent opens up your kundalini energy for embodiment, Jaguar helps you process emotion and learn intuition, Hummingbird guides you to use your imagination to bring sweet nectar into your life, and Eagle lifts you to new heights of realization. Each of these power animals relates to a part of your human brain, and you’ll learn how to build strong relationships with them in this course.

In this mini course, you’ll learn how to:

  • take a shamanic journey and open up trance state with a rattle or drum
  • call on Serpent to unblock your kundalini life force, ground your body to Mother Earth, and rebalance your nervous system out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn so you can meet life’s moments with presence.
  • call on Jaguar to tame the dragons in your mind, clear toxic emotions, protect yourself from psychic projections, and go after what you desire with clear intent and purposeful powerful action.
  • call on Hummingbird to open your psychic imagination and synchronicity with Life so you can be effortlessly guided to the nectar that nourishes your soul.
  • call on Eagle to access the timeless, omniscient, wise elder within you so you can be a walking blessing and create peace and harmony in your life.

This mini-course is a Mystery School, Medicine Wheel teaching that helps orient you in a new way for greater love, harmony, and prosperity. When you enter the course, you enter into a personal conversation with Mother Earth and she brings you synchronous experiences to teach you how to navigate life in this new way. We offer a safe place to share your mystical experiences and insights.

You’ll receive recordings of all sessions.

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