Years ago the spirit of Hummingbird came to me in a vision, and has forever changed my life with her invitation to allow inspiration to flow from Spirit, through me, and into the world. She has uplifted me with her joyful vibration, and I am blessed to share her messages with you.


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” — Maya Angelou

Inspiration on Social Media


Soul Nectar

Would you like to experience the profoundly saturating sweetness of life? Are you ready to  let go of small, safe and sterile, and expand into the possibility of who you could be in your wildest dreams? Each drop of soul nectar emboldens you to take the next step into 'insanity,' to let go of should and have to and the collective idea of 'success,' to admit you desire more out of life, and to be courageous enough to believe you can have it. The more soul nectar you taste, the more radical your beliefs until you realize you can bend time, shape reality, and actually manifest your dreams to create your own amazing destiny. In short, the more soul nectar you are blessed to drink, the more you resemble a child: full of wonder, awe, playfulness, and imagination.

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Tune Into Soul Nectar

Inspirational Greeting Cards

I love creating inspirational memes for social media, and have been inspired to create over 450 memes to date. I selected 10 of those inspirational memes and printed greeting cards. Each card has an inspirational message on the back that is pertinent to the theme on the front of the card.



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