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Love wins every time

What goes around comes back around. That song came on this morning and I was listening to the lyrics and feeling the heartbreak of humans mired in painful patterns … and almost wishing that pain on each other.

Yes, what goes around comes around in an endless cycle of pain, passed from human to human in the drama. Until…

Someone chooses to feel it. To claim response-ability for the pattern and lift themselves to a higher octave through soul mastery.

Digging into the shadows of your psyche to reveal the underlying structures that keep bringing the same scenarios (what goes around comes around) is uncomfortable and LIBERATING.

I gave everything I had in my bank account towards disentangling myself from the repeating patterns of suffering so I could stand on the truthful soil of myself and meet another with an open vulnerable space of Love in this Earth matrix that requires us to face our daemons and angels and choose.

Will I choose to let my fears keep me in the story of what goes around comes around, punishing each other for mistakes and misunderstandings?

Or will I dare to let Love show me a whole new world where vulnerability and transparency create vast potentials?

Because with wings of Love we rise above the suffering, TOGETHER.

Every challenge in a relationship based on a foundation of Love is an opportunity for deeper connection, understanding, compassion and truth.

That’s what I am experiencing with A Akeem Sami. And that miracle was worth every penny of my life savings.

I told you. I’m not crazy. There’s a method to my madness.

Love wins every time.



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