Ditch the Knight! Get Yourself a Unicorn in Your Pocket!

Can you pinpoint the moment that life became serious for you? Where the responsibilities and disappointments killed off the last of your hope and imagination? Would you like to discover the secret to success for female executive directors at a leading Fortune 500 company? They'll never publicly disclose it, but... These women executives found a…

Mothers: Honor and Respect Yourselves

"You are more than eye candy and male intentions. You are a temple, a home. A sacred dwelling, and you should carry yourself like that." - unknown   Honor and respect. The journey has been about honor and respect of myself as a woman, and honor and respect of myself as a mother. For twenty…

2019: What Do You Have To Teach Us?

"A lion chased me up a tree, and I greatly enjoyed the view from the top." - Confucius As I opened sacred space this morning, Spirit guided me to reach out to the year 2019 and begin a conversation. "What are you here to teach us? What lessons and miracles are in store for us?…

The Secret That Peaceful People Know

In my life before I found my spiritual path, I could spin up a drama better than anyone else. Before you could blink an eye, I could turn a mole hill into a mountain with the stories I told and the emotions I let rise like a torrential rainstorm within me. I would perceive a…

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