REBIRTH – A Sacred Circle for Awakening the Mother Goddess

This was inspired by a lovely dream I dreamed one morning at 4am.

Our Mother Earth, the Divine Mother, is rebirthing herself through YOU as a mother, as a woman, as a sacred vessel for awakening the Mother Goddess.

For thousands of years She has quietly waited while humanity explored the essential question: What happens when we throw the Queen from her throne?

The results are pretty clear.

Now the Goddess is reclaiming her throne, and you are invited to embody the Mother Goddess within.

We don’t need more nice women and mothers who stay small and safe by not saying what needs to be said.

We need women and mothers who are willing to speak the truth with loving compassion, who lean into conflict to bring diplomacy, and who send the power of prayer into the world for the benefit of all.

Many women on the planet today are still in the Maiden archetype.

REBIRTH: Awakening the Mother Goddess is about moving into the Mother archetype fully.

You can have children and still be a Maiden. I know, I did that.

It wasn’t until I began deep work with Mother Earth that I realized I could sink my roots deep, expand my capacity to hold everything within me with love, and then serve others from my overflow. That’s the Mother archetype.

Beyond the Mother archetype is the Grandmother Elder, the Wise Woman, the Keeper of the Sacred Hoop.

We have work to do, sisters.

It begins with embodying the Mother archetype fully, in right relationship, as guided by Mother Earth and the Goddesses.

For eight months in the REBIRTH Sacred Circle, you will Awaken the Mother Goddess within through:
– Contemplation of your gene keys, unlocking the higher frequencies of your soul’s curriculum
– Ritual and ceremony, chanting and singing with the Goddesses: White Buffalo Calf Woman, Guadalupe/Tonantzin, Kali Ma, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Lakshmi, Gaia
– Shamanic healing and activation of your highest destiny
– Practice of your own intuition and expanding beyond your comfort zone in your life to reveal more of your power and purpose

If this speaks to you, Kerri is a wonderful teacher and gifted healer. – Robin Fougnier Chacon

It’s time to REBIRTH and Awaken the Mother Goddess within. Starts in the Spring of 2023.

Kerri’s work around the Mother Wound was truly impactful. I found myself healing aspects of myself that I never realized were the core reasons I’ve been stuck from calling all of me forward. But this healing work felt loving. It felt freeing and truly, I left this experience doing this work feeling free to finally unleash all of me into the world. I couldn’t have done this without the guidance and nudging of Kerri and her pursuance of my heart to fully show up in the world. – M.M.

To awaken the Mother Goddess within, we need to courageously break the sacred vow that each of us takes upon entering the human realms: the vow not to speak of the Mother Wound.

This sacred vow causes self-harm and internal turmoil because we are not able to express the truth of what we have received through our mothers, and the truth of how we feel about our children’s struggles. When we cannot express our own truth, we become self-sabotaging.

Sweet Sister, if you are reading this, YOU are the one chosen by your ancestry to break the pattern for your family, REBIRTH and Awaken the Mother Goddess within. 

I went through this program and I’m extremely Grateful! Kerri’s program helped me understand my lack of confidence, my tendency to lash out at others, and my deep seeded need for approval from the most judgmental people. Today I am working towards my dreams, I’m so much gentler with myself, and I’ve learned that failure isn’t tragedy or proof of my worthlessness, it’s part of learning and my Self Worth isn’t dependent on my accomplishments or others perception of me. – Bonny Lowe

In our Sacred Circle, you will:

  • Learn the art of Sacred Ceremony to restore balance and harmony to your home.
  • Become a safe, spacious place for your children to speak honestly with you.
  • Feel safe to lean into difficult conversations, stand your ground, know your truth, and speak with love and compassion to yourself and others even when things get crunchy. 
  • Heal the pleaser within you so you can make powerful decisions from your womb wisdom. 
  • Make it safe for the escape artist within you so you can keep the people you love close. 
  • Relax and let go of control so you can feel peace and trust
  • Accept and love yourself as you are, and accept and love your Unicorn child through each phase of their soul’s initiation (without meddling and muddying the waters).

I am so grateful to have Kerri as a friend and mentor. I’ve been blessed to study with amazing educators and thought leaders, during my 30 years in the healing arts. Healing the Mother Wound was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. She embodies fierce love with tremendous courage, joy, compassion, vulnerability and ancient wisdom. – Gina Treuter


REBIRTH Sacred Circle for Awakening the Mother Goddess includes an exploration of your personal Gene Keys and Venus Sequence.

The Venus Sequence leads you back through your childhood development so you can reclaim your wholeness while understanding the bigger picture of your soul’s curriculum for this life and unleashing the higher frequencies available in your embodiment of the gene keys: the Gift and the Siddhi.

The weekly sessions include an exploration of unconscious self-limiting patterns, revelations that create new perspectives, and shamanic healings that help you integrate new self-supporting beliefs and habits for building the life you desire.  You will learn rituals, ceremonies, practices, and tools to create new pathways for love so that you can awaken the mother goddess within you.

The sacred circle will meet Tuesday nights  from February 2023through the end of October 2023.

Each session will include channeled guidance from the Goddesses, revelations that flip the script, inner exploration, and shamanic healing. All registrants will receive a signed copy of “Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound.” All sessions will be recorded and accessed through a secure private page available only to participants, and all participants will agree to confidentiality of the information shared in sessions.

I wanted to say thank you times a million! This class has been life changing for me, my mom, my whole family. I will be following you and talking about you and taking classes from you for years to come.  – Whitney Taylor


What the world needs now is the fierce love and courageous truth of healed women and whole earth mamas.
Together, we will REBIRTH, Awaken the Mother Goddess and restore balance between humanity and Mother Earth.

Want to join us?

P.S. If this program speaks to your heart, and you would like to do this work in 2023, here is a link to book a Discovery Call: SCHEDULE HERE

Blessings to all mothers, and all humans. Blessings to the Divine Mother.

P.P.S. Read Chapters 1 & 2 from my new book, “Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound” at You’ll also receive access to “The Return of Mother Wisdom: Mending the Sacred Hoop” Summit that shares wisdom from medicine women for the time we are entering.

Blessings to all mothers, and all humans. Blessings to the Divine Mother.