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Hello beloved.

Inside of you is a seed. Your soil needs to be fertilized so that seed will germinate and sprout. The seed is self-love.

Life is already applying pressure to help that seed crack open. Our intentional community supports you with the safety, understanding and compassion that helps you to allow the seed to crack open and inner alchemy to happen so your seed can germinate and grow through the soil to receive the light of the sun.

My role is to help you:

– Clear blocks
– Integrate your life’s experiences and knowledge
– Turn your medicine inwards to yourself
– Alchemize the medicine in your seed
– Nurture that seed to grow so it reaches the light
– Trust yourself
– Move from fixing yourself and others towards accepting your process and others’ processes
– Shift from controlling the outside world to noticing the outer world and accepting its reflection as a mirror of yourself
– Stop forcing things to be the way you want and instead learn the lessons Life imparts to you so you can claim the gold
– Let go of trying to do it all yourself (lone wolf syndrome) and receive support from seen and unseen allies and community
– Quit looking to others for your answers and find your own truth within
– Leave stress and drama behind in favor of self-care and conscious relating

To begin, you are invited to book a Connection Call.
If you would like a Shamanic Healing, you can book a 30 minute session or a one hour session. You can also try the deep rewiring of the 1.5 hour Illumination healing. See Services for descriptions of these options.

If you are interested in extended private mentoring, the Inner Medicine Training Program, or our retreat to the Sacred Valley of Peru in June 2025, let’s have a Discovery Session.

You are also invited to play the Love Mastery Game with us, tune into Soul Nectar Show and join Soul Nectar Tribe, come to our Events and Firewalks, and check out the #1 international bestselling books that have channeled through me for the collective.
We are One Human Family, and that means you are my family. Even if we never met, even if we have different skin and gender, even if we speak different languages, and even if we come from diverse ancestral lineages—we are on Earth together, we are human, and we are inextricably connected with all of life.

My story of becoming a soul guide, healer, and messenger is below. I hope you benefit from what is shared here, and look forward to getting to know you.



Welcome to the Great Awakening

We are being called up to reclaim our greatest power — love — through a series of tough initiations. The way forward guides us to stand up on wobbly legs and courageously open our hearts in trust that we can take the next step, and the next. Whatever body, family, ancestry, and set of conditions we chose for this life incarnation, we are each an essential piece of the puzzle of how New Earth comes into being for the Age of Aquarius.

I chose to incarnate as a white-presenting western woman integrating Anglo-Saxon and Cherokee roots. I came into this life asleep to my true identity, and tousled with many deep patterns of human suffering. I did not know I had inherited ancestral traumas from the clashing of cultures in this North American land, yet my heart called me to nature. I did not know I had inherited the wounds of my female ancestors in a world that diminished their value, yet I experienced the shame in my body.

I was the maiden in distress waiting for a hero to save her. I was the outspoken angry feminist wanting retribution for early childhood trauma inflicted by father figures. I was the good girl golden child, the sensual manipulator, and the rebellious challenger of authority. I was the perfectionist employee turned consultant who always strove to do it right the first time and went after awards in a hunger for validation. I was the entitled daughter of an indulgent step-dad, and the avoidant daughter of a mother who confronted me in a way that made me feel like I would lose myself. 

As the invisible roles of familial and cultural conditioning descended upon me, I struggled to find something true for me.

Whatever body you chose, can you relate to the need to find your true, authentic self through a lot of expectations placed upon you?

And then I had my first spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul: I become a mother. What had been lurking in my subconscious from a traumatic childhood 0-7 came up from the shadows for healing. I was depressed, suicidal, angry, ashamed, frustrated, impatient and disappointed right alongside being grateful and in total awe of this magical little being I held to my breast, an amazing soul that was so uncomfortable in his earthly body that he cried almost non-stop for the first six months of his life. 

I felt like a failure when I couldn’t comfort him, when my love wasn’t enough to soothe him.

Have you ever felt inadequate or unworthy, or like your love wasn’t enough?

The truth is, an aspect of me had always felt like a failure which is why I tried so hard to be right and succeed. All my son did was innocently poke that wound from my childhood. My son’s arrival began my spiritual awakening and showed me that I had a lot to heal in my heart and body. Being his protector awoke within me a giant mama bear and helped me muster the courage to roar. However capable I may be today to speak my truth, it wasn’t always that way. I was too busy being nice to keep the status quo, and too afraid of losing my belonging to speak up…until my precious son, and his brother after him, needed me to be courageous and have his back.

Do you feel like you have to prove your worth? Is it hard for you to speak up too? 

Motherhood enhanced my perception and dawned a new knowing within me that could not be factually proven. It changed the dynamics in my marriage, and began tearing my husband and I apart as the mother archetype swelled within me. Empathy made me aware of a sea of pain that I had always managed to avoid by being busy and distracted. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was waking up from the confusion of the mind and beginning to feel what was submerged in my body, waiting to be healed: the shadow of separation, the root of all conflict which includes the battle of the sexes. I was also waking up to my soul’s calling to be a healer of the shadows of human consciousness.

I wanted to go to the spiritual center, he was against it, and I listened to him instead of my own heart.
I wanted to focus on creativity and art, he wanted material wealth, and I tried to force my art to make money (which didn’t work).
I felt wild emotional swings, he was uncomfortable with that, and psychotherapy and pills only helped me cope while feeling judged and ashamed.

We had argument after argument, always seeming to be in polar opposite perspectives, and we could not find a common ground. 

Can you relate? Have you had a relationship that started off awesome and then fell apart? Have you felt the pressures of parenthood? Have you experienced the tensions between the sexes?

Without the right healing tools, I eventually decided to sacrifice the marriage and took the leap of faith to follow my soul’s calling. We fell deeper into the clutches of the battle of the sexes, and many of the warnings of contentious divorces went unheeded as emotions ran high. I was a child of divorce and I never wanted to give my children that legacy. Yet, here we were.

Were you a child of divorce? Have you gone through a hard separation? Have you been a single parent?

Shortly after the divorce I was given this little book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. So many passages in this book awakened my heart to truth again, and especially this one:

In your whole life nobody has ever abused you more than you have abused yourself. And the limit of your self-abuse is exactly the limit that you will tolerate from someone else. If someone abuses you a little more than you abuse yourself, you will probably walk away from that person. But if someone abuses you a little less than you abuse yourself, you will probably stay in the relationship and tolerate it endlessly.’

These teachings opened me to see that I was creating an abusive life for myself, and I could stop it. I could turn it around and create a beautiful life for me and my sons.

To help my sons thrive through the ensuing 10 years of toxic marital decoupling where, truly, the song “Love Is A Battlefield” is appropo, I worked my inner magic to transform from feeling like a doormat into knowing my deep mother’s wisdom. I chose curiosity over judgment, self-healing over outer blame, and forgiveness over guilt.  I harvested the gold from my many mistakes and spun it into a web of wisdom to share with my children and the world.

I stopped waiting for a knight in shining armor to save me.
I gave up hoping others would respect me so I could feel respected.
I claimed my sovereignty and honored myself.

Ultimately, I chose to heal and all the tools to make that happen, and the teachers to lead the way, all appeared by synchronicity. Because when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I embarked upon the heroic journey to myself through the unfolding mystery. I realized that I could be the artist of my dream of life, and I learned shamanic healing, ceremony and ritual that aligned me to my soul’s truth layer by layer, moment by moment.

Are you ready to step into the mystery to discover who you really are?  Would you like to write a new script for your life and family?

By walking my path of spiritual mastery, I became the living demonstration of empowerment, love and compassion for my sons. I cultivated the inner resilience to keep my heart open and available through all the twists and turns of my sons’ lives. I developed the mental discipline to see my sons as exactly in the right place, rather than give in to my fears and worries that something was wrong. 

I became the mother my sons deserved.

And now I see that this has been the transformation that all my beloved soul partners have played their part to help me achieve (and vice versa).

My mother provoked me out of mediocrity and into my true style, always the mirror for my self-betrayals and tenaciously leaning into conversations I wanted to avoid. She was the grist for my diamond.

My step-dad’s death and the ensuing family collapse catapulted me out of maiden and into matriarch, and forced me to stand up in my power as a peacemaker. 

My sons challenged me to keep my heart open with unconditional love and acceptance even as I let them go and embraced the empty nest of my motherhood.

My soul partner and husband Akeem finally arrived, and softened my heart with vulnerable transparency that called me forth to be the wife I never could be before I met him.

And the father of my children was the immovable force that hunkered down as I went through the storm of my awakening for this powerful time of human evolution. When women start to speak after thousands of years of not being able to speak, it’s not very elegant. It’s full of rage that has nowhere to go except the one that ventured into the greatest of creations with us. I am forever grateful for the man that made me a mother who quietly weathered the storm as I publicly shared the process of my awakening with many twists and turns of understanding.

Clearing the generational wounds from the traumas of the battle of the sexes, genocide, slavery, war, racism, and all the ways humans have ‘othered’ and tortured each other requires souls willing to heal, and souls willing to be the embodiment of what needs healing. On the other side of the deep healing is the forgiveness that releases all souls from the contracts that keep suffering in place. The veil lifts and beyond all roles played—narcissist, empath, racist, dictator, misogynist, betrayer—are souls in human bodies with little children inside who need love and understanding to return to the true selves within that remember who we are.

We inherited this suffering from our ancestors.
It’s not our fault, and it is our responsibility to heal it and set each other free.
We are the ancestors, and so we did create this mess.
It’s time to clean up our mess so we can love each other again as One Human Family.

When we heal our own wounds, we set our soul partners free from the soul agreement that ties them into being our grist stone for transformation. Then a miracle can happen: they can transform before our eyes into the beloved soul partners they have always been. The one who denigrated your wisdom and denied your power, the one who betrayed and abandoned you, the one who gossiped about and violated you—becomes the loving soul partner who was the rock for you to wail against as you struggled your way out of centuries of victim consciousness in the darkest hours of humanity, and into the remembrance of your own truth and power so you can stand strong and wise and be a beacon for others to find their way home.

Every person in your life has played a role in your soul’s evolution and the path to your awakening is through the dense prickly parts that protect the wounds so you can bring the healing balms of love, forgiveness and gratitude to yourself and all you have been up until now.

This is how you reclaim your power and become a force magnitude of love and healing for everyone you touch.

As you reclaim your power, Love reclaims you.

It all starts with the decision to take the courageous journey into the mystery of your becoming.

In our community, you’ll tap into ancient wisdom for healing yourself and all of your relationships.

This is potent magic. It is for all who find this message by synchronicity and are ready to create the life they desire. In our programs we fearlessly face the shadows, disrupt ancestral patterns, feel it to heal it, and walk a path of self-mastery where we claim 100% responsibility for our own lives. We courageously deconstruct our ideas about life that were formed from cultural and familial programming, and rebirth ourselves into a radically authentic life. We look behind the curtain to see the Wizard of Oz, and relieve him of his duty. As we awaken to our souls, sacred beauty pours through our hearts into our families and manifests a fulfilling, meaningful life for seven generations to come. 

It starts with you.

Are you ready to discover the inner medicine that will set you free?


Support for moms of unicorn kids

If you are a mom to a unicorn kid that disrupts all the status quo and leaves you wondering what to do…I have been there. I know what it’s like to be a mother at the time of the Great Awakening when we are dismantling all the structures that have defined family systems for generations. And this new generation, the unicorns, are here to bring all of it down so we can finally live authentic and freely expressed. It’s courageous to be a mom at this time on the planet. And you need good support to get you through it.

Read this article to find out more… 



Kerri is one of the few people I have worked with who was actually able to help me access deep-seated lifelong trauma—what I call sacred wounds—to finally heal and release stuck energy that was holding me back in life, love and business.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the real deal. Worth every penny!
– Kristina Wolf, Wolf Mastery



The journey of self discovery and soulfully deep healing is actually never ending, but with Kerri as my guide, teacher and healer, I am stronger and braver than ever before. She has shown me my worth, my truth, and has helped me see the humor in my mistakes (lessons) as I continue this life.
– Caitlin Peterson



Kerri’s work around the Mother Wound was truly impactful. I found myself healing aspects of myself that I never realized were the core reasons I’ve been stuck from calling all of me forward. But this healing work felt loving. It felt freeing and truly, I left this experience doing this work feeling free to finally unleash all of me into the world. I couldn’t have done this without the guidance and nudging of Kerri and her pursuance of my heart to fully show up in the world. – M.M.


I felt pregnant;
Pregnant with dreams deferred.
Dreams held under the current of life so long they were all but dead.
I no longer knew their color, their shape, their form.
And yet here I was,
In late middle life,
Still carrying them,
Seeds still, with a will to live.
They started talking to me in the darkness of night
These dreams of mine, these kernels of light.
It was now or never they said,
Their light was fading, soon they would be dead.

So, I went looking for a “doctor of the soul”
And that is when the Hummingbird that is Kerri, flew into my life.
We embarked on a magical journey to Reinvent myself.
A beautiful journey full of lessons, visions, synchronicities, and the magic of spirit.
Always held in the safety of sacred space,
Always held with love and understanding,
Kerri’s vast wisdom and nurturing helped me to
Shine light on my fears, to see them for what they really are,
And invite my dreams out of the darkness.
Letting the unknown be unknown,
Taking each step in time,
Allowing the time for gestation,
Allowing the time for contraction,
Kerri Hummingbird has been the doula of my dreams

– Cynthia Pfeiffer

Working with Kerri, I was able to clear out some negative emotions that were holding me back, and reprogram some hard-wired self-limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Kerri. If you’re experiencing any life challenges, if you’re blocked or stuck in any way, Kerri will unblock and un-stuck you.
– Wendy Nolin