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Reason #1: Freedom

Now is the BEST TIME to proactively choose to change your life. In fact, there has never been a better time. And since I always need a good reason to do something, I’m beginning a series of posts to share my own truth of the spiritual journey, and why TAKING THE LEAP was the BEST CHOICE I ever made.

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As I have stepped more and more deeply into my spiritual path, I have become more and more free. I have liberated myself from things I did not even realize were prisons until I found the edges of my “box” and ventured out beyond it. Until I discovered new horizons, I never knew how much of a slave I previously was. You can realize these freedoms too!

Here is a list of freedoms I now enjoy that I did not allow myself to even consider prior to TAKING THE LEAP. I will list them in the negative and the positive to communicate fully with however you process information.

Freedom from fear of change
Freedom to take risks with confidence and see what happens

Freedom from fear about money
Freedom to take inspired actions that attract prosperity

Freedom from boring, unfulfilling work that drains my energy
Freedom to follow my heart and do what I love every day

Freedom from doing things out of obligation
Freedom to say No and Yes according to my heart’s guidance

Freedom from being on constant demand from others
Freedom to turn my phone on silent, rest, and reengage when ready

Freedom from relentless critical thoughts and worries
Freedom to restore my mind to peace within minutes

Freedom from engaging in the right and wrong tug of war
Freedom to self-validate and allow others their own POV

Freedom from walking on eggshells to please people
Freedom to give authentically from my heart when inspired

Freedom from choking back my truth and hiding my tears
Freedom to fully express my truth and feelings vulnerably

Freedom from worrying what other people think about me
Freedom to try new things and discover what makes me happy

Freedom from guilt and shame for my mistakes
Freedom to harness the wisdom in my wounds and make new choices

Freedom from feeling trapped
Freedom to create spaciousness within myself

Freedom from feeling lonely, isolated or abandoned
Freedom to connect to my Soul for reassurance and guidance

Freedom from control by external forces
Freedom to navigate and reorient my life as needed from inner power

Freedom from the fear of doing it wrong
Freedom to LIVE and fully EXPERIENCE this life before it’s over

Those are just the highlights of the ways I have liberated myself by walking the spiritual path. All the way along I have invested in personal mentoring and being part of community which has served me very well in steady deepening of my liberation. You can also have the support, right now, to claim more freedom for yourself.

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