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Reason #3: Resiliency

Things are not going back to normal. Mother Earth is clearly calling us forward into a new way of being with ourselves, each other, and all of life on the planet. The predictions for 2020 were massive change that dismantled all existing patriarchal systems. Do you see it now happening? We are not ever going back. We are going forward.

If you are RESILIENT, you can cope much better with all the change that is coming. Proactively embracing CHANGE is the path to inner peace, prosperity, and joy. That’s why I say that NOW is the BEST TIME to proactively choose to change your life.

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Have you ever stayed in a situation past the moment you knew that it was not in your best good to stay? I certainly have! I stayed in my first marriage for two decades, and went to weekly psychotherapy sessions to ‘fix’ myself so that I could stay in the marriage and get along better (avoid criticism). Well, eventually things got so twisted up that I went into a dark tunnel and contemplated suicide. My depression was caused by my unwillingness to change my circumstance, and my doubt in my own ability to adapt to new terrain.

To save my own life, I finally left my marriage and psychotherapy. I faced the fear of not knowing what was next for me in my life and trusted my inner guidance which led me to exactly the teachers and steps I needed to improve my life.

When I was next called by my Soul to change careers, and take the leap out of corporate work to become a full-time healer and spiritual mentor, I had many months of fear that I would not be able to pay my mortgage or provide for my children.

Again, I was invited to move through my fear of change and become resilient by trying new things. I experimented daily with ways to create offerings from my heart that would attract people who offered reciprocity for my gifts. I practiced my spiritual tools to boost my confidence and faith, and eventually, after embracing change over and over and over, I learned I was resilient and capable enough to create a sustainably profitable business as a mentor. You can become resilient too as you courageously take the steps to change your life!

When I wanted a new love relationship, I began dating again. I faced my fear of rejection over and over again, deciding when to be vulnerable with someone new. Over the years that I dated, I became resilient through self-awareness and self-compassion and the courage to try again. Now I have a very loving partnership that continuously expands my ability to receive and express love by keeping my heart open and undefended. You can also deep and expand the love within your relationships with inner resiliency.

Inner resiliency is the key to accomplishing what you want to do in life. You have to be willing to CHANGE and try new things, to adapt to circumstances, and to push yourself outside your comfort zone to become resilient.

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