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Part of my Authentic Medicine as a Healer is Triggering You

I had a woman say I triggered her by my perspective on the 84 year old white man who shot an innocent teenage black male who mistakenly went to the wrong house to pick up his siblings. She said it was incongruent for her that I have flowery words but am holding the 84 year old accountable for a lack of mastery in managing his fear as a gun owner.

In other words, how does being love, compassion and light as a female healer mix with holding someone accountable for their actions and pointing out the shadows of our collective consciousness?

Here is a new understanding of being a healer.

– A healer is not for covering up the stink of shit with the smell of flowers. A healer is for healing the shit repressed and disowned in the shadows so that it becomes mulch where flowers and authentic love and unity can grow.

– Triggers are the body’s way of letting you know there is some repressed and disowned stuff that needs healing. Blaming the other person for your trigger does not serve you to heal. Instead, claim 💯 responsibility for your inner trigger and practice inner reflection and self mastery to reveal what needs healing inside of YOU. Miraculously after healing a trigger, we often see the original stimulus for the trigger in an entirely new way.

– When you are triggered by something I share, I say “You are welcome. Now you know what needs healing.” Healing your triggers liberates you from your subconscious programming so you can be a more authentic person. Owning your triggers makes you a more trustworthy person to be around.

Owning your triggers and doing personal mastery work as a white woman also helps you overcome the deeply disempowered state of #whitefragility.

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