Transitional Support

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Transitional Support

You're going through a transition in your life:

  • the start of your spiritual inquiry
  • a relationship ending or beginning
  • shifting careers from corporate to heart-based entrepreneur
  • becoming a new mother
  • letting your children leave the nest
During this time of transition, you could use guidance to avoid the pitfalls and keep yourself moving consistently and compassionately to the other side.

I work with clients going through transitions starting with a 3-month mentoring package all the way up to a 1 year mentoring package.

Clients dedicated to evolution move very quickly working with me because I have a pretty outstanding bag of tricks. (I love watching clients grow like those fast-forward videos of flowers blossoming! and... I'll let you set the pace of growth that works for you.)

The first step for transitional support is to have a Reinvent Yourself Discovery Session to explore your challenges and whether we are a match for mentoring.

Claim Your Discovery Session

Remember that I also offer self-guided options for reinventing yourself!

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