You are a leader in your family, workplace and community. You hold space for so many others, and you need a place you can safely fall apart. I understand your need for privacy as you sort things out so you can show up bright and strong for those you serve. Most of my individual clients are executives and influential change makers whose reputations are vital to uphold. And…you need a space to be human and messy as you open up to receive the answers that will guide you to beneficial outcomes.

What I offer is out-of-the-box thinking, new perspectives that make you the star of your world, and inner healing that gracefully moves you through your challenges. I bring the Sacred to our time together so magic can happen. My clients tell me I am the secret hummingbird in their pocket.

If you resonate with my messages and the work I’m doing in the world, let’s have a conversation to determine if we’re a good match for individual mentoring.

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