Second Wave Support Audios

Welcome to the Second Wave! Here are individual support audios from the PULSE that you can purchase to support the your evolution. You can also become a PULSE member and receive these transmissions automatically to your email.

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Pulse Support Audios

7. Family

You inherited many patterns and notions of family from your human ancestry and your immediate parents and siblings. Some of these are low vibration and not for your highest good.

This PULSE transmission helps you become aware of the lower vibrational patterns of 'family' you received, access a higher vibrational construct of 'family' from your star family, and rewire your inner mechanics.


6. Coyotes and Jaguars

Another aspect that affects momentum toward your goals and dreams is distraction which is reflected in the trickster energy of coyote. Jaguar is a better ally to accomplish your purpose with the power of its focus.

This PULSE transmission helps you discover the role that coyotes and jaguars currently have in your life so you can make some new choices and release the energies that keep you from manifesting your dreams.

5. Momentum

Are you making good progress towards your goals and dreams? Or are you stalled out? You may be leaking energy.

This PULSE transmission is about how to create forward momentum in your life by strengthening your boundaries to improve your energy retention and focus. Listen to this transmission to discover the power of No.

4. Giving Your Gifts

Do you have a passionate desire to share your gifts in the world? Do you feel blocked from the connection to those meant to receive your gifts? Do you feel like you could be making a bigger impact?

This PULSE transmission is about revealing some sneaky deflections that the ego uses in yourself and others to prevent you from sharing your gifts in service in the world. Listen to this transmission to become consciously aware of these trap doors and to clear them with a healing meditation.

This meditation gives you AWARENESS which is POWER, and HEALING to clear the imprints of these blocks.

3. Surrender

Do you feel resistance to taking the steps that your Soul is inspiring you to take? Do you feel a need for control, to predict what's going to happen, or fear over being provided for?

This PULSE transmission is about surrendering to the flow designed by your Soul for your incarnation on Earth. The quickening of events and time is orchestrated to loosen up egoic control over your life. Listen to this transmission to be supported by a visualization and drum meditation so you can surrender to your Soul.

2. Home

Have you ever thought to yourself "I don't want to be here. I want to go home"? This recurring feeling of not wanting to be here makes it challenging to live on Earth because to truly manifest, you must be fully embodied.

This PULSE transmission is about feeling at Home on Earth. Listen to this transmission to get help from your star family and Pachamama to make adjustments to your vessel that make your body a home away from home.

1. Joy

Where have you created false beliefs or conditions that limit your ability to receive and experience Joy?

PULSE transmission is about reclaiming the frequency of Joy in our hearts. Listen to this transmission to re-install a pure vibration of Joy in your field, and shake loose all that might limit Joy inside of you.

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Sign up for PULSE Monthly Membership ($22/month)
Claim a Year of PULSE for 25% off ($197)