Calling All Earth Mamas – May 28, 2022

The stresses and tensions of our modern life have put us out of balance with our ecosystem: Mother Earth. When we restore that balance and connection, we feel more peace and wellbeing.
Join us at our February gathering to restore your inner harmony with biofield healing from Diane Hudock, and shamanic healing from Kerri Hummingbird.
Diane will be doing a group biofield healing to address the current climate that has pulled on our nervous systems and energy fields. We will be clearing the collective “stuckness” and usher in new updated ways of being into our consciousness.
Kerri will be calling in the ancestors to do ancestral clearing of energy that has been trapped in our bodies causing disruption during this potent transition into the Age of Aquarius. Get support to clear your ancestral DNA of what no longer serves you.

Saturday May 28, 2022
3-5pm ET / 2-4pm CST / 12-2pm PT

All lovers of life on Earth are welcome… all genders, sexual orientations, and types of being a mama to others.

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Sacred Living with the Four Directions

Learn to live the sacred way that indigenous people across the Americas know. This mini-course introduces you to the gifts and blessings of the South, West, North and East and helps you step into the Mystery with Mother Earth.  Four weeks on Sunday afternoons over zoom starting May 15 @3pm CST, recordings sent afterwards. ♥️

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Sacred Valley Retreat – Peru, June 18-July 2, 2022

What if you could set into motion a total life transformation in just two weeks? You can.

At this retreat, you will step through a magical doorway to pure potential with Kerri Hummingbird and her friends the Q’ero wisdom keepers.

Details for the retreat are here:
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Start the Sacred Adventure to Unleash Your Purpose!

What is my purpose? This unique six-month medicine wheel mystery school program gets you on the golden line to discover your life’s work and purpose, and evolve into your radiance. In 2022, the Level I – Foundation for the Inner Medicine Training is guided by the animal spirit of Coyote.

Coyote comes when we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and open up to the adventure of life. The sacred trickster laughs as we try to hold onto what no longer serves us, knowing that what awaits us is far greater expansion as we let go and flow.

After experiencing a few months of 2022, we think this year is actually the perfect year for Coyote medicine. What do you think? ♥️

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Join Soul Nectar Tribe!

If you resonate with “black sheep” (or as we like to call it, “rainbow sheep”)… you belong with us!

In Soul Nectar Tribe, you have a community of rainbow sheep who also love spiritual conversation, evolution, becoming luminous and loving, and living a purposeful life. We understand sensitive empaths and know how challenging it is to be such a big feeler in a world that is often insensitive. We know it’s hard to talk about mystical experiences with people who haven’t had them. We all feel the call to purpose to make the world a better place for future generations.

Soul Nectar Tribe is your SAFE PLACE to be YOU.

We gather on the 7th of the month for Soul Play, and the 17th of the month for Soul Nectar Tribe Gathering. The first 30 days is free.

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Love Mastery Game: An Oracle for Wisdom Keepers
Free Online Game

Love is all that is. When you master the art of love, you enjoy your life and all the experiences it offers you. As you master love, you gain wisdom you get to keep.

You are invited to play the 5-day Love Mastery Game which opens a sacred doorway to a synchronistic interactive journey with the Divine on Earth. It’s a small taste of the magic and transformation that happens in Butterfly Circle.


Soul Nectar Show

Soul Nectar Show ( is an online interview forum whose mission is to inspire people to take the journey to living from essence. Every week you’ll receive to your email a link to an inspirational interview with a person who has taken the journey to live their passions…and succeeded!

Episodes delivered to your email include the video of the full interview as well as free offers from our guests.

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