Embark on the path to your purpose with Level I – Foundation

Begins  August 8!

What is my purpose? This unique six-month medicine wheel mystery school program gets you on the golden line to discover your life’s work and purpose, and evolve into your radiance. For 2023, the animal ally is Condor, so prepare to have your heart open wide all all your karma mulched into potential!

In this weekly global program, you’ll discover:

  • How to build your own inner compass for navigating your soul’s journey by working with the Four Directions (South, West, North, and East).
  • Ways to boost your instincts and powers with animal allies (serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, eagle, and condor).
  • Powerful ceremonies and rituals that liberate you from constrictions of all kinds and open up your potentials.
  • The Four Agreements as a way of life to help you be impeccable with your Word, not take anything personally, avoid assumptions, and do your best.
  • How to see the Beauty in everything that happens in your life, transmuting shadows and negativity into gold and wisdom.
  • How to navigate the mental pathways that have caused you suffering in the past so you can lift everything to a higher octave of blessings in your life.
  • What it feels like to have a strong lineage of medicine people have your back on a daily basis, and ancestors who guide you in your decisions.
  • What it means to be a healer and steward of life on Earth as a sacred Mesa Carrier and Pampemesayok initiate of the Q’ero Nation in the Sacred Valley of Peru.
  • What your Life’s Work, Purpose, Evolution, and Radiance are in your Gene Keys which is based on your time/date/location of birth and the iChing ancient wisdom.


Practical Details

We meet every Tuesday evening over Zoom from August 8, 2023 through late-January 2024 from 7-8:30pm CST (8-9:30pm ET / 6-7:30pm MST / 5-6:30pm PT).  Sessions are recorded, and you are strongly encouraged to attend each session in person. There is also homework each week that takes an hour (more if you devote yourself to more discovery).

You will receive a bundle of sacred cloths woven by medicine people from the Q’ero Nation in the Sacred Valley of Peru. These cloths are woven with prayer for your path, and offer you significant support as you build your Mesa. The materials cost for this bundle of sacred cloths is $250 US and is included in your Deposit/Materials Fee. The money goes directly to the Q’ero.

By entering this program, you agree to attend sessions live and watch recordings for sessions missed. You agree to complete the program in full and graduate in January 2024 from Level I. To help you fulfill this commitment, we require all payments to be made in full whether or not you stay in the program. If you miss more than 3 sessions in a row, or if you disappear completely, you will still owe any remaining balance. This structure is to support your commitment to completing the Level I Training, and we will explain why this is so important at our first gathering.

Along the way of the Level I Training, you may wish to have mentoring. Sessions can be booked with Kerri or Akeem for $77 for 30 minutes. This is an additional service outside of the program costs. You may also wish to have healing sessions, and our Healing Practitioners will be available for $35 for 30 minutes.


Enroll Today!

Deposit/Materials Fee (non-refundable): $1111  (PayPal, Venmo)
This includes: Mesa cloth bundle from the Q’ero in Peru ($250), Gene Keys Activation Sequence Online Course ($150), Gene Keys Kindle Book ($12.99), and Ceremonial Activation with our Q’ero Shaman (over Zoom).

Monthly Investment for 6 months: $397/mo  (PayPal, Venmo)
* plus Deposit/Materials Fee

LUMP SUM (Everything Up Front): $2997 (PayPal, Venmo)
* save 15%, includes Deposit/Materials Fee

All Inclusive Bundle over 9 months: $388/mo (PayPal, Venmo)
* includes Deposit/Materials Fee and monthly investment


Adventure with us in Peru’s Sacred Valley in June 2024!

We would love for you to join us for a powerful adventure in Peru’s Sacred Valley in June 2024! You’ll start your mesa in the presence of Q’ero medicine people for activations and initiations into your inner medicine.

More information about the Peru Retreat in 2024 is HERE: https://kerrihummingbird.com/peru-retreat\
Book a Discovery Session to find out more and see if this is right for you! http://bit.ly/2CpFHFZ

As a participant in Level I – Foundation training, you’ll receive a student price for the Peru Retreat.


What’s After Level I?

Completing Level I may be enough for you.  If you want more, you can keep going and we welcome you to! To become a full Mesa Carrier recognized by our Inner Medicine Program, and able to take our One Year Healer Program to become one of our practitioners, you’ll also need these trainings:

  • Level II – REBIRTH training will be February 2024 through September 2024. This eight-month training is one hour weekly over Zoom to support you with inner child healing, ancestral healing, inner mother healing, inner father healing, and relationship and family healing. You’ll move through the Venus sequence in the Gene Keys and add those kuyas (medicine stones) to your Mesa.
  • Level III – Prosperity training will be October 2024 through January 2025. This four-month training is one hour weekly over Zoom to support you with claiming your prosperity and perfect alignment to share your gifts in the world. You’ll heal your relationship with money, step confidently into your life’s work, and align yourself in the places your gifts will really shine. You’ll move through the Prosperity sequence in the Gene Keys and add those kuyas (medicine stones) to your Mesa.

Once you are a full Mesa Carrier recognized by our Inner Medicine Program, you will be invited to take our Inner Medicine Healer Training Program which begins February 2025 to become a certified Level I Inner Medicine Healing Practitioner listed on our website.