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Calling All Earth Mamas – Sacred Virtual Gathering

Earth Mama,

You are being called into initiation by Mother Earth and the High Council of Elders that preside over Earth School.  It is time for Peace, and time for you to step into your purpose as a Leader of Peace.

I Stand for Peace 
Calling All Earth Mamas To Stand TOGETHER for Peace

Will you answer the call?

Be part of the Magic that happens when Earth Mamas gather together with FIERCE LOVE for our children’s children, our fur babies, our beloved plant beings, and this planet.

Calling All Earth Mamas Sacred Virtual Gathering is just in time for the thinning of the veil with the Day of the Dead. Our ancestors are ready and standing by to support us to claim this initiation.

Saturday October 30, 2021, 4-7pm CST

REGISTER (you choose the reciprocity):

Big gratitude to the sacred healers, ancestors and beings of light who are holding space for our initiation as Earth Mamas. The proceeds will be shared with all the indigenous healers supporting us through this initiation.

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Let’s do this together.