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Believe Your Dreams More Than Reality

As I was making the shift from corporate life to passion purpose, there were thousands of moments along the way that I actively chose my new career. Every choice towards my new uncharted territory invited me to release the fear of turning away from the familiar beaten path, and embrace the fear and excitement of the unknown.

More than a just a new career, I knew deep in my heart that this work was my life purpose. Yet the constructs around money and career with which I had been domesticated created such pressure and noise inside my mind, that I often questioned my sanity. With each choice to uphold my passion purpose, however, I stepped out of the matrix of fear that had caged me for twenty years and stopped believing the familial and collective stories. With each choice to uphold my passion purpose, I returned deeper to my personal authenticity, honored the knowing inside my heart and soul, and strengthened my own voice.

When shifting the dream of your life from domestication to personal choice, there are many moments you will feel insane. Other people in your world will actively work to keep you in the collective belief system. Keep putting your belief and faith in the dream of your heart, and you will unhook yourself layer by layer from the external dream. One day, you’ll wake up free to dream your life as you wish.