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You Are Invited to Create Beauty in the World

In Western culture, we were given the message that we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, unworthy of our divine inheritance.

When we work with the Condor medicine of the indigenous traditions practiced in the Andes mountains, we restore ourselves as part of the Garden of Eden, wanted and loved by the Great Mother.

People who feel loved can create massive beauty in the world because they remember that there is infinite resource available for everyone. We are not in competition for Love or Power. We have both within us, bestowed upon us simply because we were born.

Of course, people who remember their divinity are in a position to contribute to the world in a potent way, to make beautiful again what has been desecrated.

How do we shift our perceptions to see ourselves as holy?

That’s the work of the Inner Medicine Training that begins August 7.

In the Inner Medicine Training, we open to receive guidance and energetic support from all of life—the Four Directions, the plants, the animals, the elements, and the sacred mountains. We learn our way around the Medicine Wheel and how to work with allies to support ourselves in our evolution.

We step into the Mystery with the Great Mother and allow her to reveal to us how we can be in ayni (right relationship) and munay (love).

We carry the Mesa as a representation of ourselves, and we practice holding ourselves by carrying it with us.

We place sacred stones and objects inside it to help us energetically. Our shaman placed a big kuya (medicine stone) from the Holy Mountain, Ausangate, in my Mesa this time.

Our minds grapple to understand how this work is ”doing” anything, and yet our bodies and emotions show us that we are stronger and happier for it.

Maybe we have a big moment with the Holy Mountain or another ally that helps us be certain that we are in communion and receiving the power and medicine we asked for. For example, sometimes people smell tobacco smoke when I am on the phone performing a tobacco healing for them. (Healings are now available starting next week! 30 minutes for $77, an hour for $150.)

The Mystery reveals herself for your inner revelation so you can awaken to the truth of yourself and live in ayni and munay.

The Mystery does not need to prove anything and often side steps attempts to create linear reproducible steps to predictable outcomes. She is beyond the control of mind and ego. She reveals what she chooses, when she chooses.

It’s you who must be steadfast in your practice to create the opportunity for the Mystery to open a door that you can walk through for illumination.

Being a Mesa Carrier opens up potential for a magical life. Building your personal Mesa is the first step towards being trained as a Certified Munay Healing Practitioner.

You can begin building your personal Mesa in August 2022 with Level I – Foundation for the Inner Medicine Training Program.

I brought back two Mesa bundles. Maybe one of them is yours? The first two people who register for the Level I Foundation course and purchase the Mesa bundle ($250) will receive these. If you miss that opportunity, we will place an order after class begins and have them shipped to us.


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P.P.S. Hot development: We will be doing a one-day ceremony at the foot of the Holy Mountain as part of next year’s two week Peru retreat! Woohoo!!