2019: What Do You Have To Teach Us?

“A lion chased me up a tree, and I greatly enjoyed the view from the top.” – Confucius

As I opened sacred space this morning, Spirit guided me to reach out to the year 2019 and begin a conversation. “What are you here to teach us? What lessons and miracles are in store for us? What energies and themes are you bringing to us?”

Read below for the messages from 2019 that I received through a tarot card reading. Look at the card images and feel into the messages: what aspects feel resonant and true for you?

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2019 Yearly Reading

ROOTS: The Foundation of 2019

The major lesson this year involves your relationship with change. Do you resist change and stubbornly persist in directions that you know do not serve you? Or do you pay attention to the signs that something in your life needs a change, and take the appropriate action to bring that change about in a creative way?

Change is unavoidable, and 2019 is here to dislodge you from your stuck places so you can be free of your boulders: the things you’ve held onto long past their viability in your life. Nature has cycles of death and rebirth to keep the energy flowing and clear. Can you learn to honor the cycles of death and rebirth in your own life?

2019 invites you to embrace your creativity. You are the weaver of your own destiny. Will you take command of the pen and start co-creating your destiny story in harmony with what Spirit is showing you? Or will you continue to wear your fate around like a suffocating cloak? Can you give up the role of victim, and embrace your inner artisan?

BRANCHES: The Possibilities of 2019

Quite simply, 2019 offers you a REBIRTH. This year invites you to renew your energies by allowing water and energy to flow freely through your life with joy.

You can think of 2019 as a rushing river. If you relax into the river and allow it to take you where it wants, you’ll experience a great deal of awe with the synchronicities and miracles you effortlessly attract.

If you try to prevent the water from ‘taking something away’ that you think you must hold onto, or you place judgments on the changes as ‘bad’ or undesirable, your resistance to change can cause some suffering.

TRUST is the key. A baby must trust that its mother will birth it into life with love, and take care of all of its needs and requirements. Can you trust that Spirit knows you better than you know yourself, and is bringing you exactly where you’ll receive maximum joy, love, prosperity, and the fulfillment of your desires?

EAST: What You Take With You

Joy and celebration and a new life and good fortune. That’s the promise of 2019 when you can decide to be joyful and celebrate your life with gratitude for all the amazing gifts delivered to your door.

Your capacity to be in the flow and receive joy is directly proportional to your willingness to let go of your history with all of its resentments, judgments, blame, shame, and guilt. Your capacity to be in joy is directly proportional to your ability to witness your entire range of feelings with self-compassion. Your capacity to be in joy is directly proportional to your willingness to forgive it all.

You are encouraged to embrace the idea that whatever changes arise in your life are untethering you from a history of suffering, and in this realization of rebirth you can be joyful.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing: Glory to the Newborn YOU.

WEST: What You Leave Behind You

All throughout 2018, you’ve had to fend for yourself by being very clever and observant. You’ve had to stay on top of every little detail and be aware of your enemies to protect yourself. You may have felt like you had to hide or be in secrecy to survive. Essentially, you encountered many things in 2018 that caused you fear and you had to learn very quickly how to overcome the obstacles on your way up the ladder of ascension.

In 2019 you will leave this behind in favor of knowing. Deep knowing. As you allow Spirit to flow through your life and chart the course, you will simply know what you need to know, or be synchronistically connected to what you need exactly when you need it.

If you’re pretty tired of being clever and on your toes, you may be glad to know that 2019 is welcoming you to relax into her graceful watery embrace. Take a deep breath and welcome support.

SOUTH: What You Hope For

Do you dare to dream for abundance and prosperity? With the energy of hare in 2019, you can make big leaps and strides towards your goals and dreams. This year has extremely fertile energy for creation, birthing new projects or expanding your family, making forward progress with momentum, and moving swiftly with the rushing river of energy that flows through 2019.

You’ll enjoy the quick results that are possible in 2019 when you’re able to get into its flow and surrender. Make a vision board for all your hopes and dreams because this is the year that really supports your heart’s desires.

Balancing the energy of hare and rapidly flowing water is that of Earth. There will be so many opportunities and blessings laid at your feet that you may have a hard time keeping up: kind of like a kid in a candy store. Don’t overindulge. You’ll need to make choices in 2019 for what dreams are MOST important to you to fulfill, and wistfully let the other goodies float on down the river for someone else to catch.

TRUST that there is more than enough to go around. Avoid the energy of greed from a belief in scarcity.

NORTH: What You Fear

All those beautiful dreams and visions you have come along with practical actions and energy that you must invest to make it so in the 3rd dimension. You may fear all the responsibility that you will have when you fully receive the gifts that 2019 wants to deliver to your door. You may feel too small to actually DO the things your heart has been calling you to manifest. You may worry that your dreams will become a heavy burden and suffocate you under a to-do list. You may fear …drumroll… failure to bring your dreams to life.

Remember that you are leaving behind the energy of the stoat (weasel) who has to scurry around and figure everything out. You’re leaving behind the boulders and fears that dragged you down in the past. You’re welcoming the energy of rabbit in 2019 which makes it much easier to hop, skip and jump through what used to take weeks to accomplish.

Let go of how it used to work. Open to the possibility that even though you’ll have to chop wood and carry water, the way in which you’ll be doing it in 2019 doesn’t have to feel like work. You can be in PLAY through it all.

The Way Through The Woods

Your most powerful tool for 2019 is to DANCE through everything with surrender, joy and ecstasy. When a change happens and you notice yourself going into resistance, start shaking your hips and sing “Let’s dance! Put on your red shoes and sing the blues!”

Bring yourself to enjoyment of every change in 2019 by applying the YES Key to it: Yes this is for me, and I am willing to know how! Yes this is shaking me free from my history and I am thankful! Yes this is bringing me closer to everything I desire even if I don’t know how right now!

Practice surrendering to YES and letting your thoughts (which are based on history) be swept away by the rushing river. The butterfly does not create itself out of the messy soup of the cocoon: the butterfly unfolds according to its innate design. So let the Creator show you who you are in 2019. Surrender to the ecstasy of becoming the beautiful butterfly that you are so you can FLY.

The Wisdom of the World Tree

All the change of 2019 is designed to bring about a realignment of yourself so that your higher self is in the driver’s seat. With your higher self leading your life and choices, your manifestations and creations on the Earth will support LIFE.

The Earth needs each human to be in his or her wisest Self so that collectively we can co-create a New Earth. We have an incredible opportunity to access the wisdom and knowledge of the upper dimensions, and bring it through our physical selves into manifestation on the Earth.  2019 ushers in a new age of responsible humans who align their intentions and actions according to the guidance of their higher consciousness.

Celebrate!! For this is the time we have all been working so hard to realize! We are doing it! Yes we are!