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Thorny Moments Teach Us To Love

Expect your boundaries to be pushed up against as you learn to take turns with your friends and invite everyone’s truth to be heard. When those thorny moments happen, realize it’s just your ego dying another tiny death as you breathe love into your heart and ascend into a new world playground.

I love how Don Miguel Ruiz explains in The Four Agreements that each of us is the star of our own dream of life. I like to think of each of us living inside our own bubble that contains a messy soup of our perceptions, beliefs, experiences, ancestral baggage and more. When we bump up against someone else’s bubble that has a very different feeling, it can be  uncomfortable and challenging…but this discomfort is where the growth lies. This discomfort of colliding world views is how we can open and expand our minds by noticing the places we might be unconsciously living according to someone else’s hand-me-down rules.

Thorny moments lead to discomfort, and if you let them, they also lead to greater awareness and freedom.