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What is the difference with a Mystery School?

What’s the difference between a Mystery School and many religions?


It’s the difference between the candle flame 🕯 and the Sun ☀️. The candle flame lights up the darkness while we are confused and in doubt. The Mystery School helps us find the doorway out of the darkened room and emerge into nature where we experience the full light of the Sun.


When we go direct with consciousness (rather than through a religious doctrine) we begin a spiraling journey within that unlocks greater awareness of the beauty and magic of Life. This spiral takes us deeper within ourselves as we go higher in conscious awareness. It’s a paradox, and the Mystery is full of them.

Another distinction: prescribed rules versus experiential self-discovery. We are not here to tell you what is right and true for you based on our own rigid beliefs and dogmas. We are here to help you have embodied knowing of what is right and true for you…and no one else. We know you are a unique thumbprint. And we know that encountering the Mystery and making your own discoveries is the best blessing of all.

One more distinction for this post: literal versus metaphor. Many religions believe their teachings and stories to be literal accounts of historical happenings and future predictions of what is to come. The Mystery School knows that the “end of the world” is a metaphor for the end of one age, and the beginning of another…the serpent eating its own tail, the rise of a new homo luminous consciousness out of the destruction and demise of homo sapien.


Einstein must have understood this aspect of the Mystery when he said “We cannot solve a problem from the same mind that created it.” Indeed, we cannot solve Earths mounting issues from the same rigid literal understanding of God that created wars and separation between us and all of our relations.


We must turn to the Mystery to become the humans that have the new mind necessary for creating a New Earth. We must turn to the Great Mother and all her children for new models of human community … such as the ants, bees, butterflies, trees and mushrooms…our relations on Earth have answers for us. We can only hear these answers by embracing the Mystery.
Are you ready to become the steward of Earth that you were born to be?


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