You are currently viewing Mother Earth is calling you home for Rebirth. Can you feel her?

Mother Earth is calling you home for Rebirth. Can you feel her?

A sacred door is opening this Sunday.
Mother Earth is calling you home for REBIRTH.

I’ve been inviting you for weeks to create space for the Mother Goddess. This weekend at Oasis Sacred Gathering,  5 courageous souls out of my audience of 25,000 heard the call and responded by making time in their calendars.

The thunder rolled loud and deep as we lifted to the realm of Destiny and pulled down our highest destiny lines.

“You can’t make this shit up!” attendees said in unified amazement.

Mother Earth is calling us home for REBIRTH. The White Buffalo is rolling the thunder in the skies. 

I’m sending a stronger message this time.

Spaciousness, presence, deep inner reflection and healing are the medicine for you, your children, your family…all of humanity.

Whatever is going on in your life, it’s got a strong hold. I see all around me the distractions, time pressures, scarcity mindsets, denials, repressions,  avoidances, fears, doubts, and general confusion.

I’ve been there. I understand.

My own REBIRTH of the Mother Goddess has shown me a whole new way of living. Living in presence, interconnection, and tuning into the nuances that open doors to brilliant insights, new solutions, harmony, prosperity, and a spaciousness that keeps expanding into the infinite.

Sure, there are others who can lead you there.
You can get there all on your own.
And you’re on my email list for a reason.

I’m inviting you through the sacred door that Mother Earth is opening through me, for you…for us all.

The six month odyssey begins this Sunday, August 8 at 4pm CST.

Here is more incentive to say Yes to yourself:

$250 cashback when you complete REBIRTH: Awakening the Mother Goddess. 
(*cannot be combined with any other offers)

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Let’s do this together.


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