How do you choose to live? meh or WOW?

A safe, predictable life is full of mediocrity…otherwise known as ‘meh’.
Mediocrity happens when we deny our true feelings and interests, and force ourselves to say and do things that are false so we can gain acceptance and ‘fit in’.
Mediocrity happens when we let fear guide our choices, and we choose a path that we think will be reliable, predictable, and ‘safe’…meanwhile we are literally bored to death with our existence, and secretly cannot wait for it to be over.
Mediocrity happens by default when we ignore ourselves and instead try to meet others’ expectations of us.
In a mediocre life, we celebrate ‘Hump Day’ and ‘TGIF’ because we need small milestones like this to keep motivated through the hum drum of ‘who cares?’.
I began my work life choosing a ‘meh’ career that put me behind a computer screen under florescent lights for 50-60 hours a week poring over dry technical programming reference material. It was a high paying job (because no one wanted to do it), and so I forced myself to like my job in every way I could so I could have predictable income and buy the house and the car, and go to dinner and on vacations where I pretended to live an exciting life.
But I was totally uninspired by it because it wasn’t ME.
Can you imagine me doing that job today? It’s kinda laughable isn’t it? It’s soooo not my lane.
Good thing I took a risk on myself and tried things outside my comfort zone to expand my consciousness. Good thing I trusted my inner knowing and started doing the work that lights me up.
I’m so grateful I didn’t let ‘meh’ consume me. It almost did. I was suicidal near the end of my ‘meh’ chapter of life, and so instead of killing myself, I killed ‘meh’. I know my kids thank me for violently destroying ‘meh’ so they got to experience their WOW mom today.
To get a WOW life, you have to dare to be different, weird, crazy, unpredictable, wrong, laughable, unemployed, mocked, misunderstood, gossiped about, flat-out broke, ostracized, shunned, and maybe even homeless.
All of those things happened to me on the way to WOW (except the homelessness).
Why did I go through all that hard stuff? Why would anyone take the WOW life? Is it worth it?
Well, let me ask you something.
Would you rather die by a thousand little cuts living a relatively meh life that hardly anyone notices, including you?
Or would you rather enjoy every moment of your life, filling up your life with the experiences YOU enjoy, and building a film reel of WOW moments that you can reflect on when you’re lying on your death bed?
What do you choose? meh or WOW?
If you want a WOW life, you have to deal with all the reasons you’re afraid of claiming it. That’s where I become highly useful to you because you’ve chosen to LIVE. My sweet spot is WOW. I have a bunch of tools and wisdom to help people claim WOW lives.
It doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to suffer.
(There’s ironically way more suffering involved in remaining in meh.)
I invite you to go for WOW.
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