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Giving from the heart

“You owe me.” When we have given a gift from the heart, these three words (and the energy of being owed) pollute the beauty and power of the original gift we gave from the heart. The power of giving from the heart relies on a simple principle: expecting nothing in return.


The energy of ayni (reciprocity) is created through inspired giving from the heart. When we trust the Universe, we can simply give from our hearts fully in the moment and know that what comes around goes around. In other words, the act of generosity comes back around as we give and then fully let go of the gift.


Fully letting go of the gift means telling the bean counter in our brains that he is not responsible for figuring out how that gift will be repaid. If we let the bean counter lead, he will be expecting a generosity “back” from the person to whom the generosity was spontaneously given from the heart. If the bean counter in the mind doesn’t see evidence of that generosity returning from the specific person it’s expected of, the seeds of resentment begin to grow. He starts to regret giving in the first place. And as these polluting energies expand, he feels owed and cannot move forward until he is repaid.


That’s what happens when we let our minds manage the generosity of our hearts.


Our minds think they are protecting our self interest. Our minds think they need to defend our honor.


But really, our minds have no place in managing the domain of the heart from which the inspiration to give arises.


The heart is connected to the soul, and the soul is connected to the oneness, and just like mushrooms…we are connected to the vast mycelium network of the planet. We are always being prompted by our hearts to help. When we start hearing that heart message and heeding it, we just need to do a little untangling from our minds so we can rest into our hearts guidance, follow its inspiration, and let go of control.


This lesson is up for many people on the planet because we are moving from a world where the mind thinks it controls everything (but of course creates conflict because the mind is rooted in opinion and self-interest) to a world where the heart leads as an instrument to be played by the Universal orchestra.


Let go of the energy of being owed and see what happens when you give freely from the heart.


This is part of the exploration coming up for me as I write my next book. The first chapter is about ayni and how to surrender to its magical power. I hope this message serves you. Learn to practice ayni in the upcoming Inner Medicine Training: Level I Foundation that starts 8/7. Book a Discovery Call to discuss whether the Inner Medicine Training is right for you.