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How do you handle it when people ghost you?

How do you handle it when people ghost you?

I used to get angry about it and judge the person as irresponsible and impolite to not follow up on a message. Later I judged it as weak and lacking moral fiber.

Now I see it as a lack of capacity.

It takes emotional capacity to stay engaged in a conversation that feels challenging in some way. So much easier to make it disappear with Delete and Block, or to hide and pretend you didn’t see it. (Better yet, project your own insecurities on the other person by saying they’re “needy”.)

I know…I used to be a runner too. I used to hide and avoid and block and leave. I used to feel suffocated by people who wanted intimacy and vulnerability with me. Here’s what I learned.

Life cannot grow you when you keep running away.

At some point, you run yourself into a tiny room all by yourself.

When you find yourself cut off from the world and “safe” in your carefully curated life, the invitation is to learn how to expand your capacity to be safe in you no matter what happens.

When you know how to create inner safety, you can embrace life and all it has to offer.

You can lean into discomfort and realize new perspectives on all the things you judged as “bad” and ran away from.

It takes self reflection and inner work to become a person that stays in the conversation of Life with your heart open wide and a willingness to discover and evolve.

True freedom lies on the other side of moving through your fears and judgments and desire to run away…so you can learn to stay.

We need more humans that can stay through the tough stuff.

Want to be part of a growing community of mothers and leaders who are learning to stay?

Want to expand your capacity for compassion towards those who ghost you?

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You’ll learn how to stay when you want to hide or run away.

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