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Courageous enough to become who you were meant to be

I always loved this quote from Robert Frost:
“Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by. And it has made all the difference.”

This quote touched something deep inside of me: a desire to encounter what I now understand is the sacred within. The path that only I can walk towards being the person that only I can be.

Do you feel that longing as well for the sacred within?

There are many paths to discover the sacred within. Each path is completely unique because we are each unique thumbprints.

Our minds are trained to want predictable steps and sure outcomes and validation that we’re doing it ‘right’. But this is not the way to unlock the sacred within.

The sacred within meets us in the Mystery, as we become courageous enough to become who we were meant to be.

When we are ready to meet the sacred within, we become disenchanted with transferring our inner authority to an external expert. We question the preacher on the pulpit. We notice the discrepancies and we feel a doubt that gets louder if we do not heed its message.

Your answer is not coming from ‘out there’. It’s time to go within.

The sacred within calls us forth to be Self-referencing. We need a new toolkit to unlock the sacred within.

That’s what the Inner Medicine Training is all about.

In the Inner Medicine Training, we open to receive guidance and energetic support from all of life—the Four Directions, the plants, the animals, the elements, and the sacred mountains. We learn our way around the Medicine Wheel and how to work with allies to support ourselves in our evolution. We learn how to navigate our intuition and discernment so we can connect to the wisdom of our own souls.

We step into the Mystery with the Great Mother and allow her to reveal to us our own pathway to the sacred within.

You can begin to unlock the sacred within in August 2022 with Level I – Foundation for the Inner Medicine Training Program.

I brought back two Mesa bundles. I have one of them left (the bottom one in the picture). Is it yours?  Register for the Level I Foundation course and purchase the Mesa bundle ($250) to receive it. If you miss this opportunity, we will place an order after class begins and have them shipped to us.


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P.P.S. Hot development: We will be doing a one-day ceremony at the foot of the Holy Mountain as part of next year’s two week Peru retreat! Woohoo!!