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Do you bolt when it gets tough?

Yesterday’s post struck a nerve with my Lightworkers.

One of them wrote me “Doomsday predictions … yikes! I’m outta here” as she unsubscribed from my email list.

I totally understand the urge to flee uncomfortable things.

Until I made it safe inside of me, I used to flee all the time.

I blocked and ghosted people I thought were “negative” because what they said triggered hard things inside of me.

I fled my marriage into the arms of strangers because I hated conflict and debate with my husband.

I stopped talking to my mother because she was confronting my avoidance.

I almost committed suicide because my life had gotten so tough to face from all my efforts to distract from what life was trying to show me.

I even blocked my own beloved son from my life when his behavior hurt my feelings.

That was the straw that broke the pattern because my love for my son would not let me give up.

I got help.

I learned to stay in the conversation through challenging things and urges to bolt that coursed through my body like lightning.

If we want humanity to survive, we must be able to face the darker truth of the extinction event that’s on the other side of not doing enough to change our world.

Being a Lightworker includes rainbows and unicorns and waterfalls of light.

Being a Lightworker also includes shoveling shit.

If you realize that manure is the mud for the lotus blossom, it gets easier to lean into the discomfort and get the gold inside.

May we all shovel shit and claim the gold of our current human condition so we CAN be one the ones who step into a whole New Earth as evolved human beings.

Opportunity to begin is this weekend. Moms and moms-to-be are welcome as well as mothers-in-other-ways.

Calling All Earth Mamas is an invitation to be initiated as a sacred leader for the Great Awakening. Join us Saturday October 30, 2021 to begin the journey!

Read yesterday’s post and listen to the podcast that inspired it (listen all the way through):

Commit to yourself. Commit to your descendants. Commit to humanity.


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