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Humanity has a choice: change or die

The trees were all gone. The birds did not sing. Life as we know it was over.

Let me explain.

My heart has been awakening to the gentle call of Mother Earth since I began walking the path of Earth Keeper and carrying my Mesa.

I learned how to use sacred ancient medicine to hop timelines to the one with my highest destiny.

That’s when I had the vision of no more life on Earth. It was a memory of what I experienced in the future.

I have been preparing for this lifetime for many lives.

In my last lifetime, I walked my people through the pain of losing their home, their culture, and their way of life on the Trail of Tears. I share this story in The Second Wave.

That life was preparing me for now … to be with humanity as we face the 6th extinction.

I have tremendous hope that humanity will survive. I know what happens when people plug back into Mother Earth, realign on the inside into Earth Keepers, and access the brilliant intelligence of our planet to innovate and transform.

When we listen to our Mother we are unstoppable. 

And after listening last night to Zach Bush MD on The Happy Pear, I have accepted in a deeply grounded way the potential that I am here to hold loving space through the extinction of humanity.

What if we are the last generations of humans to walk the Earth?

I feel a powerful invitation to walk every day on her belly with great love, compassion, and gratitude for all the Beauty of my Mother.

Thank you Pachamama for all the blessings of breathing and feeling as a human being.

And because I am a mother, I know my Mother’s heart has not given up on us. 

She can’t force you to listen.

She can only hold space for you to learn what you need to so you can make the choice that’s in your highest, and the highest for your descendants.

Will you change it all today so our future generations survive the 6th extinction event?

I’m offering my hand to lift you up the way my mentors have lifted me.

Especially my mama bears and mamas-to-be… you’re invited to come with me to awaken the mother goddess within.

The next opportunity is coming up Saturday October 30, 2021 at Calling All Earth Mamas Sacred Virtual Gathering.

And listen to the episode that inspired this post (listen all the way through) at

Commit to yourself. Commit to your descendants. Commit to humanity.