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We Remember

We look the other way
We don’t want to remember
We want to forget
We change the narrative
We cover up the painful truth
With prettier stories
Stories that become true in the telling
Stories that make a fantasy
Where the wounds did not happen
And we did not perpetrate them
So we can escape our painful past
So we can go back to pretending
We do not have demons within
No, not us
Our children are born into a false illusion
We forget, we forget, we forget
Without wisdom woven from the wounds
History repeats, repeats, repeats

A new generation born into a false dream
Wakes, wakes, wakes
From sleeping in delusions of those
Who think they can change the past
By erasing the truth
And controlling the narrative
Some stirring within
Hungers for the truth
We question, question. question
We listen, listen, listen
We hear those who came before us
We feel the pain they denied, repressed
And covered over with prettier stories
We awaken to the past
We remember, we remember, we remember
We were there
We know, we know, we know
We feel the pain, the loss, the grief
We cry rivers of sadness and regret
We allow the fire of anger to flow through us
We heal the wounds
We learn from the past
We dream a new dream, new dream, new dream
With the wisdom.

– Kerri Hummingbird Sami

Artist unknown