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Back from the jungle

Back from 10 days of plant dieta in the jungle with my sweetie and other amazing souls. We came home and blew into our house the sacred tobacco from ceremony and felt all the love and prayers from the jungle swirl around our home.
Life is simpler there. It’s much easier to be mindful when you have time and space to sit and contemplate from inner stillness.
When we move too quickly we make mistakes, creating more work for ourselves in the cleanup of the mess. Much easier to take a stand for grounded stillness before action than to leap without looking and make more unnecessary work for ourselves.
Only from inner stillness can we see through the thick delusions of the Smoky mirror to perceive something more true about situations and people. At first glance we might leap to conclusions and project our shadows onto others, recreating our inner world onto unsuspecting bystanders to our inner dramas.
Stillness is the medicine that reveals a truer perception. The Self at the center of stillness is not afraid to claim responsibility for what we perceive, nor to dismantle it as false. The Self at the center of stillness is here to learn and grow from all that happens, bringing life’s experiences into ourselves to refine us.
The Self at the center of stillness knows that pointing fingers outward in judgment and blame, seeking Justice from the “other” for perceived wrongs, is a distraction that keeps us from deepening into the journey of discovery.
It’s never about “them”. There is no “them”. Life is only showing us aspects of ourselves. Some aspects we love, some we hate, and to be whole, we bring acceptance to it all.
I realized on this journey that Justice is a loosing game for everyone. It keeps its players locked on the Triangle of Disempowerment seeking restitution for the “victims” against (separation) the “perpetrators” from the judge of the court (giving power to judgment).
In fact, we are all paired up to learn our lessons from the point of view of our individual avatars. There is no empirical truth of any situation…there is simply the meeting of multiple subjective realities upon which we try to create one narrative of what happened and determine who should be punished for it.
Why do we focus on punishment?
Why not focus on what has been learned by ALL the players in the drama?
It takes two to tango folks…or 8 billion aspects…
There are no victims once you realize yourself as a soul in a body experiencing a life curriculum through a particular lens.