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Sacred Living

At some point on the journey of life it come down to you and the sacred, and bringing your own heart to gratitude, reverence and devotion. All the ways that other people let you down brings you to the altar of your own sacred connection. When you most need help, the sacred always answers the call…you just have to learn how to listen and perceive to know it’s true. While the ones in physical bodies who beaconed love like lighthouses are comforting to be around, when it’s time for that beacon of love to spark in your own heart, the external support systems drop one by one until you can stand comforted by the spaciousness and eternal love of the Divine within. Every persons journey to awaken this sacred spark of the heart is unique and to be held in deep reverence. It’s not for anyone to judge another’s path to the sacred within. All paths lead to the Beloved.

If you are seeking an entry point and a supportive community, we welcome you to our safe harbor. Our next experience of Sacred Living with The Four Directions and Power Animals begins Oct 11. Feel the deep support these beings of light offer for the human experience over eight weeks of Zoom calls along with the power animals that help you tap into your different brains so you can learn to navigate perceptions and intuition as challenges arise. This is a good step to prepare you for Inner Medicine Training which begins in Spring 2023.

Our Mystery school respects your path to the sacred. We simply offer navigation tools and a supportive space within which to explore your own soul consciousness.

If this speaks to your heart, let’s have a conversationA Akeem Sami and I welcome you to the exploration. ♥️🙌♥️