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Your heroine’s journey begins Sunday!

Your heroine’s journey goes to the next level this Sunday.
Mother Earth is calling you home for REBIRTH.

Are you worried about having enough time and money?

The spiritual journey always calls you forth to step past these fears, trust your heart, and claim your Destiny.

Don’t miss the magic and mystery of the Divine by allowing your mind and fears to block you.

Before I walked through the door to my Destiny, I was sick, stuck and struggling. That’s where every solution that my insurance covered left me.

When I wanted to heal, I had to look beyond what “the system” thought was healthcare and reach deep into my own savings to pay for it out of pocket.

I invested my entire life savings in alternative medicine and it saved my life. Now I’m rebuilding my life on a strong foundation of love and inner power that claims ownership of the healing I need and where I invest my dollars to receive it.

I know that you’re facing that same dilemma when considering whether to follow your heart and say yes to REBIRTH. You don’t get an easy answer. The insurance won’t cover it so you can run the experiment. You actually have to trust your own heart and take a gamble on your intuition with your hard-earned dollars.

The Western medical system doomed me to a life of mental health disorder and daily pharmaceuticals to cope with it.

I forged my own path to health and harmony by following my heart and investing my hard-won resources on alternative medicine and the magic I discovered in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

You can forge your path to health and harmony too.

If you need encouragement, listen to the book that tells the story of where I began. Awakening To Me clearly illustrates the state of mind and the patterns I was trapped in that led Western doctors to diagnose me and condemn me to a life of pills.

Then remind yourself that I’m an international bestselling author of two books, one of which has been on the charts for 105 weeks and running (The Second Wave) and one of which has restored my relationship with my mother (Love Is Fierce).

I know you have to reach into your own pocket to claim your healing like I did.

Don’t settle for a life unhealed and coping.

Trust your heart and claim your destiny!

The six month odyssey begins this Sunday, August 8 at 4pm CST.

Here is more incentive to say Yes to yourself:

$250 cashback when you complete REBIRTH: Awakening the Mother Goddess. 
(*cannot be combined with any other offers)

REBIRTH: Awakening the Mother Goddess is a doorway to six months of inner evolution that will uplift every area of your life while grounding your deeper into reality so you can lead with strength.
Trust yourself. Will your mind question you? Yes. Until you enter the program, do the practices, and witness for yourself.
We begin the heroine’s journey on Sunday. Will you be there?


P.S. If this message speaks to your heart, and you would prefer to do this work privately with individual mentoring, here is a link to book a Discovery Call: SCHEDULE HERE