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Ride The Flow

After pushing the boulder of a new project uphill for some time, toiling and straining to keep forward progress against the resistance, at some point the tipping point is reached and things begin to FLOW. When the flow really gets going it can feel overwhelming as connections and opportunities cascade around you. It may feel challenging to keep up with all the flow if you are trying to control the flow. Trying to control the flow is 1) impossible and 2) counter-productive to the flow.

If your mind starts creating fear about keeping up with the flow, that thought pattern can crimp the flow and slow it down by signaling to the Universe a negative reaction to all the abundance. Rather than allowing a fear-based response, deepen into trust that you are only being given what you are able to receive. Somehow, you are capable of receiving this amazing flow into your life. When feeling the onset of overwhelm from the flow, counteract this unconscious response with a conscious “Yes! I choose to receive this amazing flow! I trust that I have the resources to allow this flow through my life!”