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Choose Curiosity

When things do not go the way you planned, and a challenge presents itself rather than a success, do you label your choice as a ‘mistake’ and go over and over in your mind what happened? Do you have an inner voice criticizing you for doing it ‘wrong’?

According to the Toltec wisdom of don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), this is the Inner Judge speaking to you. Take a moment to close your eyes, and feel what happens in your body when your mind thinks critical thoughts about your choices. Does your body sag and slump with defeat? Does your body get tight, almost like it’s bracing against attack? Become aware of your body’s response to inner criticism.

Now: Imagine that you are a kitten that becomes suddenly curious at seeing a darting light on the floor. What if that darting light was your present challenge? What if you were curious about your challenge, and what new insights into life you were about to receive from understanding it? Tune into your body as you imagine you are a feline investigator: how does your body feel different now that you are curious and without expectation or judgement?

Your task should you choose to accept it: become a playful kitten this week and be curious about everything that happens in your life. Shift from judgement to intense observation and open your awareness to possibilities.

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