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What is an Earth Keeper?

When I was reaching out to a few women to invite them to the 2022 One Year Inner Medicine Program, the question came back “What is an Earth Keeper?” This post shares from my heart and personal experience about being an Earth Keeper. I hope it touches your heart…


I came here to be in service to humanity at the time of the Great Awakening…which is now.

I’m learning as quickly as I can how to be compassionate rather than in judgment.

How to understand where people are and meet them in that space, however dark it is, acknowledging their struggle while seeing the truth of their sovereign light.

I’m continually adjusting my vision to see each person as a courageous hero/heroine on an epic journey of self discovery and to celebrate that.

I’m leaning into my edges to open my heart when someone speaks harsh words to me, and to empathize with the pain that must surely be motivating the behavior underneath…rather than take it personally.

This is the work of the Earth Keepers.

To walk a path of mastery as Love In Action for others that unifies humanity through the respect of sovereignty. To sweep away the entanglements and old paradigms that up until now have kept humanity locked in scarcity, fear, unrest, conflict, isolation, and war.

The path of the Earth Keeper reawakens within you a felt sense of your own inner power, what I call sovereignty, along with your intrinsic connection to all that is alive on this Earth.

The longer you walk the path, the more your heart opens.

The more your heart opens, the more you care about our Mother Earth.

The more you care, the more you do the inner mastery work to stay in the conversation and be the love in action that you need to be to wake up others to the truth of who they are.

To be an Earth Keeper is to be a gardener of consciousness on this planet to help the collective dream unfold of heaven on Earth.

It is a sacred honor we chose long ago.
We have been preparing for lifetimes.

If you feel any of this message in your heart, pay attention to it. It may be time to begin your Mesa…the sacred altar of your souls destiny to become a luminous warrior of Love for Mother Earth and all her creations … including humanity.

Are you ready to begin? Mark your calendar for Saturday October 30, 4-7pm CST for Calling All Earth Mamas live virtual gathering.


Details about the One Year Inner Medicine Program are here.

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