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I was afraid of the Mother Trap

This was me and my friend Marques Harper way back in 2011 when I loved being the spectacle of the party, the sexy ingenue, and wine was my best ally for being the life of the party.

What I didn’t know was….

I was in the middle of a huge initiation and hugely resisting it. 

I had just turned 40, I was slender after running my first marathon, and I was having a sexual revolution. There was so much power coursing through my body that I didn’t know what to do with it.

So I did what many women do: I defaulted to expressing at a new level my old archetype rather than step into my power in the new role offered to me by life.

Honestly, I didn’t like that new role as defined by ancestry and society. Embracing that role meant I had to step into a trap: the Mother Trap.

If I let go of the Maiden and embraced the Mother, I felt I would be suffocated in a sea of expectations I could never fulfill. So much easier to stay the Maiden and be the party girl with my bottles of tantalizing Zinfandel.

And if I stepped into the Mother role fully, I’d have to give up being sexy and having fulfilling sex. Right? I really didn’t want to do that since I was just beginning to get the hang of it.

So I ignored the call of my initiation and sank deeper into the bottle and into infidelity.

Until I hit a brick wall. Then another. And another. Divorce. Division of property. The reality of midlife Dating.

I finally realized I was lost in the woods of some big avoidance that I did not understand yet I now know…

Life was calling forth my Mother Heart. 

This time, I followed. I says yes…to this…whatever this is.

I know the journey from Maiden to Mother.

I have not lost anything worth having.

I have gained wisdom, self-respect, compassion, courage, self-love, integrity, and integration with the beautiful spirited woman in this picture, the woman I was and will always be…plus SO MUCH MORE.

If this story sounds like your life, I invite you to join an amazing group of mothers and mother-in-other-ways to step out of Maiden and into the awesome heart power of Mother.

The six month journey of REBIRTH: A Sacred Circle for Awakening the Mother Goddess begins again February 2022.

Roar your fierce feminine sister. 

In this Sacred Circle you will liberate yourself from the Mother Trap, become your own safety zone by healing your inner child and remothering yourself, and define your own authentic expression of the Mother archetype. You will also learn to expand your emotional capacity to be steady in the storms that Life delivers.

You’ll learn how to stay engaged when you want to numb or distract.

Here is more incentive to say Yes to yourself:

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Let’s do this together.


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