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Big Inner Medicine

What happens when… WHOOOPS! That didn’t turn out the way I expected! You mean you can’t read my mind? I thought you knew….!! Everyone knows that!
So often we jump to make the ‘other’ wrong because whatever they said/did or didn’t say/do failed to meet our expectations.
What if…it was all orchestrated for us to choose mystery over expectations, curiosity over judgment, understanding over blame, and love and unity over fear and separation?
When life surprises you in a moment like this, how s-e-r-I-o-u-s-l-y do you take yourself?
It can get pretty dang serious can’t it?
What if instead of letting misunderstandings drag you down into misery, you took a big breath of acceptance that Life knows your attachments…
And got silly with it?
Bringing something out of seriousness and into play takes big Inner Medicine. Practicing Inner Medicine helps you learn how to create safety in the moment so you can let down your guard, release what you THINK it means, and open with curiosity to LISTEN to the ’other’. This is how we move through conflict into diplomacy to create peace. We can’t get to peace without moving through the conflict. Softening our hearts makes it easier to move into the diplomacy.
Ready to shine the light of your love into those shadows you have been avoiding? Shadow work is the path that helps you build resiliency for the chaos that Life is dishing up for us all, and come from your true sovereign center.
Stop needing to avoid “toxicity” by ending relationships. Put the Love first and learn how to be strong enough to lean into conflict with curiosity.
First step in your Inner Medicine Training begins Oct 11 with Sacred Living with the Four Directions and Power Animals. ♥️🙌♥️ Join us to begin the journey to loving relationships!