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The Effect of Gossip and Identity Labels

The power of the Word is felt most acutely by those who we label in negative ways, gossip about, or want to punish for mistakes. We are all connected, and highly sensitive people can become aware of negative thoughts, gossip, and stories as part of the mitote in the mind… the background noise that we think is our own inner critic. Maybe… or maybe it is actually being able to hear what others are saying when we are not in the room.
Most people are not aware of the mitote, yet are influenced by it subconsciously in their self-concept and feelings about self.
When we gossip about others, we create connection to the auric field of the person and become part of the “voices in the mind” of that person, or the mitote as the Toltec call it.
If our words are shaming, blaming, worrying about, or judging that person, we are contributing in a negative way to the shadows they must overcome.
If we fix that person with a shadow label, we contribute in a negative way to the persons sense of identity.
For example:
“He is a narcissist”
“She is mentally ill”
These are identity spells.
These conditions and states of being are temporary until we create identity spells and the target of that spell agrees at a subconscious level to own it.
I love the work of Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrona who has healed people diagnosed schizophrenic simply by gathering everyone together in a talking stick circle and having each person voice out loud what they think is wrong with that person. While this may seem painful, it puts into the open the shadow whispers that were already happening behind the persons back and makes each person accountable for the story they have been telling about that person. Now the person can heal from “schizophrenia” because everyone else has reclaimed their shadow projections, thereby setting the sensitive psychic person free from their own stuff.
I experienced this dynamic as the “mentally ill” person and reclaimed my power from it without support of others. I did it through becoming aware of my REAL self and practicing inner medicine.
Try to use language that expresses the condition as a temporary experience through which the person is evolving their consciousness.
For example:
“He is learning to open his heart and admit mistakes.”
“She is healing her mind and learning to care for herself.”
We are collectively evolving our consciousness of the need to lock into place what are actually temporary conditions in a soul curriculum.
If you feel you may be the target of negative projections from others, you can also heal without any help from them being more conscious about how they speak of you.
A key element of my healing was psychic protection from the Bands of Protection and Power in the Munay Ki transmissions. I will be giving the Bands of Protection and Power at the free upcoming webinar on Saturday June 10 called Walking with Protection.