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The potency of an Earth Mama with fierce love

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been in the middle of things. This has sometimes been hard for my inner hermit that loves quiet, spaciousness, and peace.

When I became a mother, I was thrust into service to my family to perpetually be in the middle of everything. In learning what it takes to be in this much service, I spun out periodically in burnout.

Can you relate?

Now I am seeing how my life’s events have prepared me to have the emotional and energetic capacity to be in the middle of much greater service. And I have some unique insight into the potent role that mothers (and mothers-to-others) can play in the Great Awakening.

As the center of our families and with Fierce Love in our hearts, we have the resiliency and experiential wisdom to be leaders in the transformation of the planet.

Being in the middle of things means we can influence all the things. Having fierce love means we can stay in the conversation even when things get tough…because we care.

Are you feeling this message in your heart?

You are invited to join our community at the Calling All Earth Mamas sacred gathering to feel what it’s like to be supported as you release all the falseness that has held you back from standing in your true power. Let’s stand together and speak truth across this world, on behalf of our future children and grandchildren and all of life on Earth.

In the West, many of us have forgotten the ancient rituals for connecting with Mother Earth. That’s why I have invited healers from the Sacred Valley in Peru to share with us their ancestral ritual for offering gratitude to Mother Earth. You can learn this ritual and bring it home to practice with family and friends, and restore harmony to your social circles and natural environment.

Saturday October 30, 2021, 4-7pm CST

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Big gratitude to the sacred healers, ancestors and beings of light who are holding space for our initiation as Earth Mamas. The proceeds will be shared with all the indigenous healers supporting us through this initiation.