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Our children’s children are counting on us

Last week I celebrated with family at a special dinner, and heard all about the exciting college direction that my son’s girlfriend is pursuing.

Environmental sustainability

Yes!! I think I almost leapt out of my seat with excitement when she shared her major with us. She was gleaming. “That is a truly fulfilling career path,” I told her, “And one that humanity really needs expertise in right now.”

“Sorry your generation has such a heavy burden.”

One of my family members from an older generation spoke these words and my heart sank. Those words really dug in deep, and I’ve been chewing on them for days now.

Am I going to throw up my hands, sit back, and hope that our children’s generation will find the answers to humanity’s survival on Earth?

No! I can literally feel the Earth clock ticking. We have to make new decisions starting NOW that will keep Earth habitable for generations to come.

My heart demands that I step up to the plate and help our younger generations.

I may not have a degree in Environmental Sustainability, but I have lifelong wisdom and skills as a mother and leader. I know how to listen and create solutions through diplomacy. I know how to ask really good questions and reveal new wisdom that people can grasp and implement. I know how to help people rise out of the human drama and claim the brilliance of their souls.

What wisdom and gifts can YOU bring to co-create New Earth, one choice at a time?

Have you thought about your bigger purpose in the evolution of humanity? Maybe you’ve also felt the call in your heart to lead the way to New Earth for future generations.

Your children’s children are counting on you to shine.

I feel passionate about spiritual awakening because I know what happens when you get plugged into Mother Earth. You can hear your heart again, and it leads you true with the right choice at the right time.

That’s why I dedicate myself to helping others unlock their hearts and souls and step into their brilliance.

The upcoming Calling All Earth Mamas Sacred Virtual Gathering, is a doorway to your heart and wisdom.

I welcome you to join us.

Are you ready to claim your brilliance?

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