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Shed Your Past

The spiritual journey demands a constant letting go of the past, shedding the stories you’ve told for years about your life so that something new can emerge on the blank page of your life script. Pay close attention to the words you speak when you meet someone new and tell the story of your life. Often the story is told by rote, you know it so well you almost forget the telling of it…similar to how you drive the same route home every day and sometimes you arrive home not remembering any of the journey.

The danger of unconscious story telling is that each time you repeat the story you are reinforcing its energetic signature within your being. The stronger your identification with the unconscious story you tell, the harder it is to shift your life into something new. Imagine that your life story is the Nile river. That river has a powerful current that sweeps everything in the direction it’s moving. Now imagine you decide you want to veer off into a tiny tributary. Feel the amount of effort needed to dig deep, hold against the current, redirect your little boat in a new direction, and push yourself towards the new stream. This effort would be a lot easier without all that current…all that reinforcement of the story of your life.

The good news is that each piece of your story you rewrite, every time you successfully find yourself in a new stream, you give energy to a new story of yourself and you build a new connection in your brain that supports your identity shift. Shed your past and embrace a new story for the YOU that is emerging.