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Look Your Dream In The Eye…And Try

In a society that values material wealth and believes in straight lines to goals, it can feel daunting to embark on the nebulous journey to living your dream. There are a million fear-based reasons why you should stay right where you are, day in, day out, living that same predictable reliable life that you have come to know.  Probably you’ve figured out a number of ways to distract yourself from that longing feeling in your heart, and from that heavy disappointed feeling in your gut. 

Your biggest nemesis in this life isn’t your boss or your debt. Your biggest challenge in this life is that dream in your soul that you keep ignoring. Your biggest obstacle is believing the society dream and following it rather than placing faith in yourself.

The Universe is waiting for you to decide you’re worth it. The first step: Look that dream in the eye. Identify the blocks within yourself that keep your feet cemented in place. Chisel a toe free…then a foot. And take one step forward towards that dream TODAY (before today becomes yesterday).