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Gratitude Is A Decision

Suffering is caused by seeking what you do not have. The solution to end suffering is to accept your life as it is, in this moment. The first step towards acceptance is to listen to your deepest questions and fears about your challenge. The next step is to become curious about why you are experiencing this challenge. There are no mistakes. All seasons of life happen for a reason: to teach us what we need to learn so we can grow and evolve as souls. Once you can listen to yourself and become curious, you can dissolve resistance and move into acceptance. From acceptance you can cultivate gratitude for the lessons unfolding in your life because of this challenge.

Gratitude is a decision to be grateful for what you DO have in your life that brings you peace, fascination, joy, and love. Gratitude is a decision to say thank you for the feelings or gifts you have received in your life, especially the ones you did not appreciate at the time because you didn’t have the full context that you have now. Gratitude is a decision to love your deepest unmet desires right along with holding a reverent gratitude for the gifts Life has delivered to your doorstep for your TODAY experience.