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Get Grounded

In American culture we have turned “getting grounded” into a punishment. Actually, getting grounded means to stop the nonsense you’re doing, tune inwards, connect with your body, connect with the Earth, connect with Spirit and get clear so you can start making some better choices.

We are conscious energy that animates a physical being. When the conscious energy leaves the body, we die. The body has no “life” without the conscious energy. Energy is, essentially, electricity. And if you think about electrical systems, all of them require a grounding wire to stabilize the flow of electricity. Without a grounding wire, things can go haywire.

So if your life is going haywire, or your brain is on overdrive, or you’re feeling anxious a lot of the time, you might want to try getting grounded.

A quick grounding meditation is to go barefoot on the ground, and close your eyes. Breathe in and out slowly, imagining that you are a tree and are sending a root deep into the earth…all the way to the very center of the earth where there is a big ball of fire. Wrap your root around that ball of fire. If the fire makes you uneasy, imagine there is a big boulder deep inside the earth and wrap your root around it. Feel the root tighten and secure you. Now as you breathe in, imagine you can pull clean, nourishing energy from the earth into your body, and as you breathe out imagine that all the yucky dark energy inside of you is being excreted into the earth. Do this breathing and visualization for 10-15 minutes daily and notice whether you feel calmer afterwards.