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Is your Mesa dusty on a shelf or vibrant through connection?

Being a Mesa Carrier is walking the beauty way to be a steward of life on Earth. It’s not a fluffy path. It requires dedication and perseverance to walk this path with integrity. It requires stillness so you can listen to Mother Earth’s guidance. It requires focus so you stay in presence, rather than living a fantasy of being a healer just because you have a cloth with stones in it and you went around the Medicine Wheel. Congratulations… that’s a good start.

Being a Mesa Carrier is not a weekend workshop. It’s a way of being. If your Mesa is collecting dust on a shelf…you’ve stopped walking. If you’re so distracted you don’t have time or space to be still and listen to Mama Gaia…you have lost your way.

Maybe you have some idea of yourself being a steward of the Earth, but do you know how? Or does it just feel powerful to call yourself a shaman?
We are called to be the dreamers of a new dream for Earth. We can’t do that if we are so busy we can’t sit still, if we avoid our discomforts and shadows, and if we push away help that our spirit guides have asked to intervene on our behalf.

We came to Earth because she needs us now. She needs our presence, stillness, healthy visions, inner medicine, and high vibes to hold space for humanity.

If your Mesa is collecting dust, it’s time to pick it up, bring it to your mind for right thinking, heart for right munay, and will for right action.

And if you want help juicing up your Mesa to make it a Destiny Mesa and put you squarely on your path of service, consider the Inner Medicine Training. In this program we add the potency of the iChing from the Himalayas into the Andean Mesa for dragonfly growth to your soul’s destiny. The medicine wheel is not a once and done…it’s a lifetime. (Also open to new Mesa Carriers)

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