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Live A Mythic Story

Are you a creature of comfort? Do you like to get your life ‘set’ so that you can relax and let go of the wheel? If so, be careful of this mentality as it can lead to disconnection from the moment, settling into patterns of behavior without presence of mind, and potentially stagnation that leads to apathy or even depression. From stagnation, it’s pretty hard to imagine manifesting a big dream.

If you want to live a mythic story, a dream of life that you imagine and then manifest, you have to get comfortable with constant change and unpredictability. As uncomfortable as it is, change is necessary to keep us on our toes and in our awareness making conscious choices about our lives. The more you can stay awake in the present moment rather than in rote behavior, the more magic you invite into your life because the NOW is where the magic happens. Being open to change, open to redirection from Spirit, open to synchronicity–opens the door to amazing connections that lead you closer to your intent. Staying in the now keeps your energy flowing so that you can adapt quickly to leap across the void into a new possibility. Living a mythic story is embracing magic and mystery with a vulnerable heart.