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Make 2024 Powerful with Love

To step into a new potential of Love you must let go of fear in advance of knowing that the Love is real.

This is called faith.

As you take a step in faith you are met by Love. Perhaps a chance encounter, a synchronous affirmation, or a word of encouragement.

Love affirms your faith as true.

You must retrain your brain from seeing evidence of fear being real to seeing evidence of Love being real. Love supports you in this process.

This process is called awakening.

What helps the awakening process is being able to share your moments where Love has met you with affirmation. And instead of having these tender moments, these fragile connections with Love, be torn apart by others’ fearful doubts, these signs of Love’s presence are affirmed.

Supportive community strengthens your bridge to Love.

In safe supportive community you also are strengthened to hear others’ encounters with Love. Together we magnify the field of Love through awareness of how Love is touching all of our lives.

This is how you shift from faith to knowing.

When you are in knowing of Love, you can clearly see the fog of fear that has been deluding you. Your knowing of Love sends strong roots into the soil, making your own Love into an unshakeable tree of Love under the branches of which others can take refuge from fear.

This is how we grow a forest of Love with plenty of refuge from fear.

We rebalance our nervous systems out of fight or flight, we open our hearts in the safety of Love’s presence, and we look with new eyes of Love upon the landscape of our lives. Instead of seeing barren soil, we see budding flowers.

Inner Medicine Training is Love medicine.

It supports your journey from fear to Love, and from barren soil to budding flower. We do this together in groups to magnify the presence of Love and build a refuge from fear so our hearts can open in tender vulnerable truth. We support each other in the tender courageous steps of faith that lead to Love’s affirmation as real.

You are invited to join us.

Learn about how Inner Medicine Training can make your 2024 powerful with a knowing of Love at our free gathering on Zoom on Saturday January 6 at 11am ET / 10am CST / 9am MST / 8am PT.

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You can also work with me individually to clear karmic baggage and embrace your light. I’m still offering the Holiday Healing Package: Purchase 4 sessions and receive the 5th one free.

 – 30-Minute sessions (Package of 5)
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