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What matters most is what we do in the darkness

It’s what we do in the middle of darkness that matters most. Do we let our perspectives and opinions of our fellow humans lead us into argument and outrage, trying to stop them from what they’re doing that we personally do not understand nor agree with?
Or do we bring ourselves into stillness, feel our feelings, heal ourselves, open our hearts and send prayers for our fellow humans who—for our evolution—have been positioned on the opposite side of the polarity from us?
I’ve learned a lot about integrity and munay (Love) from the Q’ero Nation. Here are people who wear the rainbow cloths of the Star Nations and whose ancestors have weathered the religious persecution of the Christian Spaniards who colonized Peru. Do these humble people turn away Westerners from munay? They have every right to given their painful history.
Instead, they open their hearts to those who have transgressed against them and their ancestors, and they pray for us.
Because they know that we need munay to open our hearts and see the pain that we have caused to ourselves and others from closed, defensive, righteous hearts fixated on our own point of view as the only right path.
They know we are here to learn, and they are here to patiently hold munay as we wake up to greater and greater truth, and greater and greater Love.
Living humbly on the Pachamama, wearing little sandals with Earth-covered feet, giving gratitude for all the abundance they experience (which Westerners would call poverty) and offering prayers for those who have so much material wealth and yet live with inner poverty.
Only people who misunderstand their true nature try to control each other. Only people who are in deep pain from this misunderstanding try to gain power by abusing each other.
Why do we treat each other this way? Because we think power is outside ourselves. We think love has to be earned. We think our Creator kicked us out of the Garden of Eden, and we lost our divinity.
The Q’ero know who they are in truth. They know who we are in truth. And they patiently hold space while we figure it out for ourselves.
During these times when I feel outrage at the transgressions of people misled by false hateful teachings, I remember the Q’ero, I remember who I am in truth, I remember I exist momentarily as a human in a matrix of polarized opinion, I breathe, I come to stillness, I open my heart, and I send prayers and blessings to those I judge.
In the stillness, I listen for any bit of wisdom that could help bring to center the polarity within myself and in the world.
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